1 7 5 And Greater Or Other Browsers That Support Npruntime

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python - What is cross browser support for JavaScript 1.7 ...

    Feb 05, 2010 · The for each example given by nicholas is an example of a proprietary feature added by Mozilla that is not in any standard, and therefore unlikely to be adopted by any other browsers. Javascript 1.7 and 1.8 features are useful for extension development in XUL, but should never be used for cross-browser development - that's what standards are for.

Do all major browsers support HTML5? - Quora

    Yes and no. Yes: All major browsers support significant portions of HTML5, CSS3, and related technologies. No: HTML5/CSS3 support is inconsistent and incomplete overall. This means that no two browsers support HTML5/CSS3 to the same degree, and ...

NPAPI - Wikipedia

    At the end of 2004, all major browser companies using NPAPI agreed on NPRuntime as an extension to the original NPAPI to supply scripting, via an API that is similar in style to the old C-style NPAPI and is independent of other browser technologies like Java or XPCOM. It is only supported by Firefox ESR (Extended Support Release) and Safari.

1.6. Supported Web Browsers - Red Hat Customer Portal

    Browsers for Mac, such as Safari, and other types of web browsers, such as Opera, are not supported for the agent services pages. This means that some operations may not complete successfully or forms may not be displayed properly.

5 Browsers - JafSoft

    5 Browsers 5.1 Overview. Browsers were developed to use the HyperText Transport Protocol (http). A browser views a page written in HTML. HTML is a language that describes in abstract terms how a page should be laid out. It also allows hyperlinks to be defined. It is this feature that allows browsers to go from page to page, and essentially ...

Why do browsers not implement support for anything other ...

    Oct 15, 2012 · There is a healthy amount of compile-to-JS languages; Coffeescript is the big one, and Microsoft just released Typescript. For actual native browser support, Google has been doing the most work in this area: two initiatives are DART and NaCl. But...

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