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How to switch the PHP version 123 Reg Support Centre

    How to switch the PHP version? If you are writing in PHP, you may wish to change the PHP version that your 123 Reg Hosting package is using. You can do this straight from your Hosting control panel.

123 Reg Support Centre Product knowledge base

    123 Reg Support - your starting point for help with our products. Here you’ll find how-to guides, FAQs and videos that can answer all of your questions. Support Centre. More from 123 Reg. Even more to help you succeed online. 123 Reg Home. Find out more about our award winning products.

How to use PHP scripting for a contact form 123 Reg Support

    Although 123 Reg does not directly provide scripting support you can use our sample php script in order to send email via a contact form. Please click here to  download  the script, you will need to change the following values as highlighted below and then save the file as a.php extension.

How do I login to phpMyAdmin using cPanel? 123 Reg Support

    Related Support Material: How do I restore my database on my 123 Reg VPS? How do I backup my database on my 123 Reg VPS? Getting started with my 123 Reg VPS running cPanel; How do I create a MYSQL Database on my 123 Reg VPS? How do I add a DNS record to my 123 Reg VPS server? How do I create a Database user on my 123 Reg VPS?

Is 123-reg shared hosting insecure for Joomla/PHP websites?

    The default and on other hosts I've used is Off. 123-reg do not let you override this on shared hosting. The PHP manual states with regard to display-errors "This is a feature to support your development and should never be used on production systems (e.g. systems connected to the internet)."

hosting - 123-reg: Enabling PHP in their Starter package ...

    One of my clients has been with 123-reg for years and wanted to continue to use their hosting. Upon starting a new 'Starter Package' I have been unable to do the simplest thing and enable PHP. The current situation is that any .php file simply isn't parsed and is just rendered to the browser as text.

Web Hosting - How to configure your hosting account 123 Reg

    Read our support articles and watch our FAQ videos on how to manage your hosting account from 123 Reg. ... What Perl and PHP modules are installed? What is the HTML validator? ... What version of MSSQL do 123 Reg hosting packages support? What database server is my database hosted on? What version of MySQL do 123 Reg hosting packages support? ...



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