128mb Video Card Support Pixel Shader 2 0 Cost

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How much would a 128MB Video Card with support for Pixel ...

    Jun 03, 2009 · I need a 128MB Video Card with support for Pixel Shader 2.0 for my new sims 3 game an i would like to know how much one will cost for a good one. It is for windows xp.

Identify the Pixel Shader Version of Your Graphics Card

    Sep 08, 2019 · A pixel shader is a software program that is used when processing graphics and it computes color and other graphic attributes of a pixel. It is possible to identify the pixel shader version of the graphics card installed on a computer system. .

Where can i buy a 128 MB Video Card with Pixel SHader 2.0

    Mar 22, 2009 · None, graphics performance is not totally dependent on the memory of the card. Don't be a tool. I'm guessing that you read "128 MB Video Card with Pixel SHader " from a game's system requirements. Any new card from NVIDIA or ATI will be fine. If you want a cheap older card I believe these will be fine: NVIDIA: GeForce 6500/6600/6800 7500/7600/7800

Pixel Shader - Dell Community

    I have bought the Sims 3. I then found out my destop is totally unsuitable to play the game. I am in the process of purchasing a new desktop. I think the has everything for the game. However I am totally new to the lingo used in the System Requirements. Does this desktop have 128MB video card with ...

how do i get the shader model 2.0? - Microsoft Community

    Dec 24, 2011 · Shader model versions are built into your video card. If your video card doesn't support shader model 2.0 the only way to get it is to buy a new video card. Shader model 2.0 has been around for many years, if you have a newer video card try reinstalling your video drivers.

Can i get a 128mb video card with support 4 pixel shader 2 ...

    Jul 08, 2009 · Can i get a 128mb video card with support 4 pixel shader 2.0 for sims 3 @ target or walmart? I just purchased the sims 3 and its asking for a 128mb video card with support for a pixel shader 2.0 and have no clue what that is.

Shader Model 2.0 cards list - League of Legends Community

    Ok there seem to be a lot of threads pertaining to video cards and shader model 2.0 on this forum. To set the record straight here is a list of the cards I've compiled that support shader model 2.0 or later. If your card is not on this list you can't play this game.

128MB or 256MB video cards? Vista Forums

    Sep 05, 2006 · and has had no issue with the small video card yet. For that matter she just loves it and it appears to run just as well as XP did. Some things are a little slow but not bad at all. "John" wrote: > Its not required, however if you have a DX9 video card with pixel shader 2.0 > support with a decent amount of memory, and proper driver support you can

Supreme Commander system requirements Can I Run Supreme ...

    Can I Run Supreme Commander. Check the Supreme Commander system requirements. Can I Run it? Test your specs and rate your gaming PC. System requirements Lab runs millions of PC requirements tests on over 6,000 games a month.

Can you upgrade pixel shader? [H]ardForum

    Nov 23, 2006 · I installed Splinter Cell Double Agent, and it needs at least a 128mb video card with pixel shader 3.0 My Radeon x800 has shader 2.0. is there any way to upgrade to 3.0 without buying a …

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