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Server 2003 Antivirus reccomendations - Spiceworks

    Jul 22, 2016 · Thanks for the tag Justin! Avast File Server Security does indeed still support Windows 2003 and has a long list of features and technologies that will keep your servers secure. File Server Security is a heavy-duty antivirus that allows unlimited connections and includes SharePoint support.5/5(1)

Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 Support announcement

    End of Standard Support(EOSU) After April 30 2020 we will stop the service from providing security content updates. To fully benefit from the latest security technologies, Bitdefender recommends existing Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 customers migrate to the latest supported version of an OS as soon as possible.

How Windows Server 2003 End of Support affects Symantec ...

    Current releases of Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) 12.1 support Server 2003, and continued maintenance and feature releases in the foreseeable future are planned to include support. Symantec will continue to release antivirus definitions and product updates compatible with Server 2003 for the current product cycle.

Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 support ...

    Following the announcement in June 2016, Bitdefender continues to provide Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 systems with limited support, as follows:. Platforms with only Antimalware protection and Advanced Threat Control: Windows XP with Service Pack 3 …

Windows Server 2003 SP2 support for Application and Change ...

    Dec 19, 2019 · How do customers purchase support for Enterprise products on Windows Server 2003 SP2 after the end of standard support? Customers must work with sales to sign the McAfee Custom Software Support Letter of Agreement (CSSLOA).They must purchase another custom software support SKU to cover Windows Server 2003 SP2 support.

Sophos Enterprise Console: Extended Anti-Virus support for ...

    Extended Anti-Virus support for Windows XP/2003 does not include the following components: Sophos Patch; Sophos Client Firewall; If you have either of these components installed on your Windows XP/2003 computers you will need to manually access the computer and uninstall the component before moving the machine to the new group.

Extended Anti-Virus support for Windows XP/2003 - Sophos ...

    Feb 02, 2018 · I'm under the understanding that these subscriptions are only for specific updates that Sophos may release for Windows XP and Server 2003. These machines will still receive virus definition updates as per normal without being applied to a group / update policy / subscription for Windows XP & Server 2003 extended support.

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