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    Texas Child Support Guidelines at a Glance. If you owe child support or are trying to secure support for your child, an attorney is best equipped to handle the finer points of Texas family law. But the following plain-language charts will help you get a general sense of child support guidelines …


    Jan 15, 2019 · Under the guidelines, a parent will pay the following percentage of their “net” monthly resources to the custodial parent: • 20% of net income to support one child • 25% of net income to support two children • 30% of net income to support three children


    (a) A child support order for more than one child shall provide that, on the termination of support for a child, the level of support for the remaining child or children is in accordance with the child support guidelines. (b) A child support order is in compliance with the requirement imposed by Subsection (a) if the order contains a provision ...

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    PLEASE READ UPDATE (2019) Texas Child Support Guidelines Change-Effective Sept. 1, 2019 Effective September 1, 2019 The Texas Child Support Division of the Attorney General increased the Maximum child Support under the Texas Child Support Guidelines from $8,550 to the “new cap”of net monthly resources to $9200 annually.

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    Sep 01, 2019 · Texas Family Code §154.125(a)(1) requires that every six years the presumptive amount of net resources to which the child support guidelines apply shall be reviewed and adjusted for inflation by the Texas Office of the Texas Attorney General (OAG). That section sets out the formula for doing so based on the consumer price index.

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    This book will explain in detail how child support works in Texas. It will focus on the rights each father, mother and child has under certain laws, situations, and circumstances, and how child support is calculated using the official state child support guidelines.

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    PRIOR GUIDELINES On September 1, 2013: Important Texas Child Support Guideline Changed! The Texas Child Support Division of the Attorney General increased the “CAP” on net resources for purposed Child Support from the past amount of $7500 to be $8550, which became effective Sept. 1, …

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    Each year, we collect more child support than any state in the U.S.—but our work won’t be done until every child receives the support they need and deserve. A Partner for Everyone The Child Support Division works closely with Texas employers, community organizations and other state agencies to serve Texas …

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    Free tax preparation is not a service of the Child Support Division. Information provided by the Texas Attorney General is in compliance with Texas Family Code §231.123 Custodial Parent Login Noncustodial Parent Login Apply for Services Pay Online * Important Notices * …

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