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What is the Child Support Cap in Texas?

    Mar 18, 2019 · Texas has a 'soft cap' on child support, which means that there is sort of a maximum level of child support that a person can be ordered to pay. There are ways to exceed this cap, but that is rare. The 'soft cap' is equal to someone making $140,000/year and translates to $1,710/month for one child.

Calculating Maximum Child Support In Texas Child Support ...

    It is important to be aware of Texas’ maximum child support limits. Guidelines for calculating child support in Texas changed after September 1, 2013. Under the law prior to September 1, 2013, a payer’s child support obligation was based on income up to the first $7,500 per month in net monthly resources.Location: 1412 Stonehollow Drive, Ste C, Kingwood, 77339, Texas

What Is the Cap on Texas Child Support Payments? Austin ...

    The needs of each child. Furthermore, the Texas Child Support Guidelines state that the support cap will depend on the obligor parent’s net resources. When a parent ordered to pay child support only has a monthly net income (i.e. net resources) of $8,550 or less, the amount of support is calculated using a percentage of the said amount.5/5

Will the 2019 Texas Child Support Cap Increase Affect My ...

    Sep 04, 2019 · The amount of maximum child support under the state’s Child Support Guidelines will increase as of Sept. 1, 2019.. According to the Texas Family Code §154.125, the child support guidelines apply to the paying parent’s monthly net resources up to $7,500.00 as of 2007.However, the state adjusts for inflation every six years.

Why does Texas have a cap on Child Support? - Q&A - Avvo

    Posted January 13, 2011 5:51pm There is no cap on child support in Texas. What you are really asking is why is "guideline support" capped as a percentage of the first $7,500 of net resources.

Texas Maximum Child Support Cap Is Changing September 1 ...

    Currently, there is a cap in the monthly net resources used when calculating child support in Texas. The current child support cap in Texas is $7,500.00 net monthly resources per month. Depending on the number of children involved, the monthly net resources are then multiplied by a percentage for the number of children a parent has a duty to support as represented below.

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