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Modem/3G - Debian Wiki

    if device-file is not created (or if something does not work) then force the modem to work as modem only instead as card-reader/memory, using: rmmod usb_storage modprobe usbserial vendor=0x0af0 product=0x5000 # (or adjust vendor and product number to the ones you see in dmesg or lsusb when you look for your modem)

USB 3G Modem for embedded Linux? - Stack Exchange

    I have to develop an application on embedded Linux which sends data over Internet. I have to choose a USB 3G modem with a SIM card holder, which works successfully or is supported on embedded Linux.

3G/4G LTE USB Modem Support

    Peplink Balance and Pepwave MAX routers support a long list of 3G/4G LTE USB modems. If your USB modem isn't listed, contact us to inquire about a driver.

Modem-HOWTO: Modems for a Linux PC

    2. Modems for a Linux PC 2.1 Many Winmodems Will Not Work with Linux. Unfortunately, some software modems (winmodems) will not work with Linux due to lack of Linux drivers. Configuring the software modems that can be made to work with Linux ranges from very easy (automatically) to difficult, depending on both the modem, your skills, and how easy it is to find info about your modem --info that ...

Embedded Linux Systems - GSM/3G/4G

    May 18, 2016 · Device Drivers ---> [*] USB support ---> USB Modem (CDC ACM) support Necessary Software Packages. To configure and connect the 3G modem to the internet, Linux uses, in addition to the kernel drivers, a software which manages the connection. This software is PPP. Usually Toradex images already have the PPP software installed by default.

networking - 3G-modem for Linux supporting USB 3.0 - Unix ...

    I've laptop with three USB3.0-ports.OS is Linux Mint 13 (yeah, it's Ubuntu-based). My modem Huawei E1552/E1800 could work in two modes: 1) as flash with drivers 2) modem The device is operating...

Sierra Wireless 3G/4G modem drivers for Linux 3.8

    Jun 07, 2013 · I recently purchased a Sierra Wireless (now Netgear) Aircard 320U USB 3G/4G modem for some testing. I selected the Aircard 320U based partly on its technical specs (compatibility with the major New Zealand providers), as well as the fact they actually bother to provide support for Linux.

Using a 3G modem with Linux MPA Systems

    Getting linux to talk to a USB 3G modem is quite easy, here is a short guide on how this is done with usb_modeswitch.

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