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Oracle 9i - Oracle FAQ

    Oracle 9i is a version of the Oracle Database. The i stands for "Internet" to indicate that 9i is "Internet ready". The i stands for "Internet" to indicate that 9i is "Internet …


    Oracle Lifetime Support: From Five Years to Forever Lifetime Support Policy, Coverage for Oracle Technology Products January, 2020 Page 2

Oracle Versions and Support

    Jul 01, 2010 · Hi all, Does anyone know when Oracle 9i will be out of support and is the last release of the patch before 10g? Also what is the latest version on Oracle availabe and is an ugrade from 9i included in the maintenance? ... desupport notice hasnt been published for 9i yet. will probably be the last release for 9i - but until ...

Important de-support notice for Oracle 9i

    Important de-support notice for Oracle 9i. Oracle has announced desupport for Oracle 9i release 2 as of July 31, 2007. This is an important announcement for any Oracle customers who must run on a fully-supported release of their Oracle database. While Oracle offers a limited "extended support" plan, but Oracle9i is still desupported for any new ...

Desupport Notices - Oracle

    As of the 2.10.0 version of mod_owa, I will no longer support some older Apache or OCI versions, and will no longer provide builds for older versions of Windows. Please read this notice carefully. Dropping source code that builds with the Oracle 7 (UPI) client stack; Dropping source code that builds with the obsolete Oracle 8.0 OCI

Risk of RULE mode in 10g+ Oracle Community

    Mar 15, 2010 · There isn't much, just obscure things like "Bug 4397693 Dump (apaqba) from multi table insert with WHEN clause under RBO" which was a result of fixing another bug, so is in 9208 and 10203.As the desupport notice points out, RBO simply doesn't use many new features, so is mostly insulated from new bugs.

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Downgrade from Oracle 9i to 8i? - Experts-Exchange

    So, what's the possible problems that will occur when we downgrade from Oracle 9i to 8i? I afraid of this as i know that Oracle 9i is 'totally' different from Oracle 8i and previous version. ... This desupport notice is addressed to the customer's contact currently on file with Oracle Corporation. (NOTE: If the contact information is not ...

Oracle Support - University of Delaware

    The Oracle Database Server is distributed with the Oracle HTTP Server (OHS) and the Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM). For releases prior to Oracle Database 10 g , during the Oracle Database Server installation, the OHS is installed by default unless you specifically chose to deselect it at installation time.

Oracle 9i and Forms 5 DB Link Problem - Experts-Exchange

    hi experts i have a peculiar problem. recently i installed oracle 9i in windows 2000 server and imported my oracle 7.3 payroll database to 9i. when i try connecting to oracle 9i from forms 5, there...

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