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Florida Law on Back Child Support Arrears Legal Beagle
    Nov 28, 2018 · Florida's Department of Revenue's Child Support Program monitors child support payments and will take measures to encourage payment if the parent does not pay as ordered. Once you have a case for child support services, the DOR can negotiate a payment agreement with your ex to collect child support arrears.

Retroactive Child Support in Florida - Ayo and Iken
    Seeking Retroactive Child Support . The parent who believes he or she is owed retroactive child support must file a written request, or petition which specifies the date the payments should go back to, and provides reasons which will justify the retroactive child support award. …

Back Child Support in Florida
    Back Child Support Retroactive by: Jim from Florida The mother of my child was incarcerated when we signed our permanent orders back in 1998. The only mention of child support was this: "The parties therefore agree that no child support will be awarded to the Father until the Mother is released."

Statute of Limitations of Back Child Support in Florida ...
    Aug 06, 2018 · There is no child support statute of limitations, and even after the child turns 18, all back child support payments are still a debt that must be paid. Florida Child Support Arrearage Laws If your child's non-custodial parent is behind in monthly child support payments, you have a lot of options when it comes to collecting that financial support.

How to Get Back Child Support Waived LegalZoom Legal Info
    How to Get Back Child Support Waived ... Years later, if there is past due child support owed, it will not be owed from the date of the child's birth but instead will be owed from the time the child was three until the present date. ... Can Child Support Be Waived in Florida? Child support is the money paid by each parent to contribute to a ...

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