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Lumbar Support Benefits - North Tampa Spine & Joint Center
    Apr 29, 2013 · The Benefits of Lumbar Support Belts. Lumbar support belts are excellent alternatives to lumbar cushions when you need to become mobile and active. Lumbar belts are similar to ordinary belts, but they are wider with at least four inches in width. Lumbar belts can be worn under the clothing so you can use them almost in any situation.

Benefits Of Back Support Pillows - Aeroflow Healthcare
    Nov 27, 2014 · Placing a lumbar back support cushion at the base of their chair can be a simple action that results in relief of lower back pain. Similarly, individuals that sit for long periods of time in an office atmosphere are likely to benefit from a back support pillows/cushions as well.

The effect of a lumbar support pillow on lumbar posture ...
    Jul 04, 2013 · Results. There was a main effect of condition on lumbar posture (p = 0.006) and thoracolumbar posture (p = 0.014). In the lumbar region, the support and standard chair differed by 2.88° (95% CI; 1.01-4.75), with the lumbar support being closer to …Cited by: 12

    Jan 23, 2015 · Seen below are some of the most significant benefits of lower lumbar support. 1. Expectant mothers usually wear lower back support belts in order to ease discomfort associated with pregnancy. Maternity support belts are usually made out to get rid of back pain due to the fact that it works by supporting the lumbar or abdominal section of the body.

What Is Lumbar Support in a Car? It Still Runs
    Lumbar support in cars is a way to aid both drivers and passengers while sitting in car seats. They are meant to correct poor posture which has resulted in doctors treating an alarming number of patients with lower back pain. Instead of having slumped posture, drivers and passengers can now use lumbar support to sit ...

Types of Lumbar Support and Ergonomic Office Chairs
    Maintaining Back Support in an Office Chair. When sitting in an office chair, a good lumbar back support should be flush against the small of the back. Many portable lumbar back supports are shaped specifically so that one end should be positioned up and the other down. When placed correctly, a lumbar back support should provide the following ...

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