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The Best Way to Support Indeterminate Tomato Plants Home ...
    Alternatives. You can also use tomato cages or wires strung between posts to support your tomato plants. The best cages for indeterminate tomatoes use wire mesh with at least a six-inch gap to ...

Tips and Ideas on How-to Support Your Indeterminate Tomato ...
    Aug 14, 2016 · The Best Tomato Trellis - Duration: 11:02. Gardener Scott 342,898 views. ... Tips and Ideas on How-to Support Your Indeterminate Tomato Plants Plant-Smart Living w/ Farmer Fred Detwiler.Author: Plant-Smart Living w/ Farmer Fred Detwiler

Find The Right Tomato Plant Supports Veggie Gardener
    There are almost as many options for a tomato plant support as there are tomato varieties to choose from. If you are new to growing tomatoes, finding proper tomato plant supports can be daunting. The one thing to remember is there really is no right or wrong solution for a tomato plant support system- which ever system that you are comfortable with and what works best for your situation.

Trellising & Crop Support Systems for Tomatoes Stake ...
    This system makes it easy to prune and trellis indeterminate tomatoes because each stem gets a string, and any additional suckers are pruned off. An indeterminate tomato plant with five or six fruiting clusters can exert 10–12 pounds of downward pull on its trellis, so pruning is essential, and the support system needs to be both tall and strong.

How to Support Tomatoes – Bonnie Plants
    Tomato Cages. Caging tomatoes doesn’t require as much tying because the sides of the cage support the stems. You can buy wire tomato cages, although they are often not big enough for indeterminate varieties. You can make a large tomato cage that lasts for years with 5-foot, 10-gauge concrete reinforcement wire with 6-inch openings.

Which Tomatoes Are Determinate And Which Are Indeterminate?
    indeterminate tomato is best. Determinate vs. Indeterminate Tomatoes. The form the tomato plant takes is a big clue as to which tomato variety you grow. A comparison of determinate vs indeterminate tomatoes shows one is a vine and one is bushy. The determinate tomato plant is often grown in a cage or even without support, as it has a more ...Author: Bonnie L. Grant

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