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End User/Desktop Support - Processes & Best Practices ...
    I'm looking to pull together a list of best practices or processes that should be implemented and documented for an IT team of desktop support specialists.

The Top 10 Best Practices of Business Process Management ...
    Years of successful and not-so-successful process management experience have led to a set of best practices a number of fundamental principles that must be honored in order to optimize returns to the company, the delivery of business results to customers and to satisfy the needs of the organization’s other stakeholders.

8 Best Practices In Business Process Automation: How To ...
    The following are the 8 best practices you should follow, in order to get the most out of your business process automation efforts. 1. Choose the right process. When you decide to automate your business processes, it’s quite natural to want to automate all the processes in a go. Nevertheless, that could be deadly to your automation efforts.

Business process management best practices: 8 unknown truths
    Aug 07, 2015 · Business Process Management best practices are a way of understanding, fine-tuning, and improving business processes. It is a manner to distinguish companies, to improve what is already good and is crucial to the financial survival of some organizations.

Modern Best Practice Drives Innovation in the Cloud Oracle
    "A major factor in the growth of the midsize market is its adoption of Modern Best Practices. Not only are midsize companies readily adopting mobile, social, and cloud technologies, they are also quick to re-engineer processes that support new customer segments and the emerging channels through which they transact," says Cox.

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