Best Practices For Production Support Projects

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Production Support IT Best Practices Nebraska
    Best Practice: Create an admin "cheat sheet" A document containing common administrative tasks needed to be done/checked on a routine basis should be created and shared with the backup support people. These cheat sheets should also be a part of the overall system/application documentation.

Agile and Production Support Best Practices - eimagine
    Jul 17, 2014 · For production support, we have found that there are a few key principles and practices that make all the difference. These include: 1. Identify a Bug Fix Team. Charging your entire development team with addressing production issues can slow (or completely stop) progress on new projects.

Application support best practices involve all teams
    Jan 09, 2018 · Application support best practices come with their own set of rules. The support team must understand how the application is supposed to work for the customer -- how else will they know if something is a feature or a bug? Too often, technical people develop application support skills from a technical viewpoint, not a functional one.

Project Setup Best Practices - Atlassian Community
    Jun 21, 2017 · Project Setup Best Practices; Project Setup Best Practices . ... This is generally "run this SQL script against production data" or "give user access to this server" or "add more memory" or "deploy v4.56 of Product D to production." ... Permissions, Notifications, and types of users would differ in the project to support law suits, that would ...

Application maintenance and support
    Production support and application maintenance – corrective maintenance, bug fixes, production support, and ... Best practices repository from ... Competency building focus and initiatives • Knowledge sharing initiatives across projects • Support transition tools and kits Key highlights of application maintenance include: Continuous ...

Production support in agile / scrum software development
    An article explaining how to do production support in agile / scrum software development, using best practices and real world examples

Application Maintenance and Support — Best Practices
    Nov 30, 2015 · Application Maintenance and Support — Best Practices ... It is a general perception around that application maintenance is aimed towards bug …Author: Orchestrate Technologies, LLC

Production Support - SlideShare
    Jun 11, 2009 · Technosoft SAP Production Support 2. SAP Support is important because it is the missing link for long term SAP success. And, when the Support Team is strategically focused and aligned with business objectives, chances for long-term success drastically improve.

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