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Which garment or binder is best to wear after a tummy tuck ...
    Mar 06, 2019 ·  In general, most plastic surgeons recommend that you wear some form of compression garment for six to eight weeks after a tummy tuck.  While the drains are in place, I have my patient's wear a Velcro binder.  Once the drains are removed, I then suggest a compression garment from the mid-thigh to the rib cage.

Post Surgery Compression Garments for Liposuction, Tummy ...
    LIPO FOAM Use for a post or pre-surgery. It is ideal for area uniform healing is needed. The use of foam post surgery flattens the skin evenly and provides compression... $ 12.99 USD

Compression and Support Garments After Abdominoplasty ...
    The longer garments might be useful if you have liposuction to your thighs and legs in addition to your tummy tuck. An abdominal binder is a wide piece of strong …

How Long Do I Wear Compression Garments After Tummy Tuck?
    Compression garments after tummy tuck surgery can reduce patient discomfort and also help control swelling and fluid retention, which are common after surgery. The first few weeks of recovery are a critical time, since the tissues are shifting and conforming to your new shape.

Proper Preparation for Post Tummy-Tuck Surgery and Recovery
    Recommendations for sleeping positions post tummy-tuck. After the initial surgery, elevating the lower body (as if you were sitting in a lawn chair) is a highly recommended position; prop a pillow underneath both your lower back and underneath your knees for major support.

How Should I Sleep After a Tummy Tuck? Palms Wellington ...
    Mar 19, 2019 · The main takeaway is to sleep in a bent or jackknife position after a tummy tuck, preferably on your back. The best way to achieve this is to use a recliner, although a few extra pillows under your back is a good substitute.Location: 13005 Southern Blvd. Suite 232, Wellington, 33470, FL

10 Must Have Tummy Tuck Supplies for the Best Recovery
    Tummy got you down? Getting it tucked is easier than you might think! Read below to learn all about a tummy tuck, if the choice is right for you, and 10 Must Have Tummy Tuck Supplies for the Best Recovery once you make that decision!

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