Bmpt Tank Support Vehicle

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BMPT Tank Support Combat Vehicle -
    The BMPT tank support combat vehicle is a development that has no equal in the world. Its powerful weapons set and heavy armour protection correspond well with the Russian nickname "Terminator".

BMPT-72 Tank Support Combat Vehicle
    The BMPT-72 tank support combat vehicle was designed to support tank operations in urban areas. The BMPT-72 is a versatile anti-personnel vehicle that can engage multiple targets.

BMPT-2 Terminator:"The Tank Support Fighting Vehicle ...
    Apr 26, 2019 · The BMPT "Terminator" is a product of post-Cold war armored fighting vehicle. It is a Tank Support Fighting Vehicle. This tank is designed and manufactured by the Russian company Uralvagonzavod....Author: Armour desia

Russian BMPT-72 "Terminator" Multipurpose Tank Support ...
    May 09, 2018 · The multipurpose tank support combat vehicle BMPT-72 is built on the chassis of T-72 battle tank. The BMPT-72 can survive in different climatic zones, including urban areas, and in any light...Author: Odo Puiu Events

The BMPT-72 "Terminator" Tank Support Vehicle - Overview ...
    Nov 08, 2016 · The BMPT or BMPT-72 "Terminator" is a post-Cold war armored fighting vehicle (AFV), designed and manufactured by the Russian company Uralvagonzavod. This vehicle was designed for supporting tanks...Author: Matsimus

BMPT Terminator - Tank Encyclopedia
    The BMPT Terminator (the name “Terminator” is not an official designation, but used by the designers for publicity reasons) is a support combat vehicle which is mainly meant to be used in urban areas.

    Mar 29, 2018 · The maximum speed of the vehicle is 60 km/h over highways and a cruising range of 550 km with external fuel tanks. Mission: When used in urban terrain, each main battle tank is …

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