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ZeroG Gait and Balance System I Aretech ZeroG I Robotic ...
    ZeroG Gait and Balance System by Aretech uses dynamic body-weight support and fall protection for intensive gait and balance therapy. Best in class robotic body-weight support system with proven performance on an overhead track. Gait & Balance Training. Fall Protection. Dynamic body-weight support for rehabilitation.

Body Weight Support Systems Archives - Physical Therapy ...
    Reha-Stim Medtec Inc introduces the FLOAT to the US market. Reportedly the world’s first 3-dimensional overhead body weight support system, it is designed to offset a patient’s body weight …

Body Weight Support -
    SafeGait 360. SafeGait is a ceiling-mounted dynamic Body-Weight Support (BWS) and Fall Protection system that tracks patient movements 2500 times per second. LiteGait. LiteGait is a gait training device that simultaneously controls weight bearing, posture, and balance over a treadmill or over ground.

SpinoFLEX Adaptable Body Weight Support Systems
    Adaptable body-weight support systems for clinical and home use. The controlled weight-bearing provided by the revolutionary SpinoFlex system allows users of any size to stand and walk safely and comfortably. The SpinoFlex system is ideal for both clinic and home use since it rolls easily over most surfaces and treadmills.

Body Weight Support System Gait Trainer - Gorbel SafeGait 360
    Gait training has evolved with the introduction of the SafeGait 360 body weight support system. This overhead gait trainer improves patient mobility and balance, promotes safer patient handling, and more. Gorbel Rehabilitation's innovative technology is perfect for any gait training facility.

Partial Body-Weight Support - Physical Medicine Biodex
    Reduce patient body weight with single-point suspension for proper gait mechanics.

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