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Child Support - Contact Us - Virginia Department of Social ...
    Community Support. 2-1-1 VIRGINIA AmeriCorps State CommonHelp & Our Community Partners ... DCSE Case Number or Social Security number on all payments) Electronic Payments; Child Support Issues & My Child Support Malfunctions Call Center: (800) 468-8894 (M-F, 7 a.m.-6 p.m., toll-free)

Child Support - Virginia Department of Social Services
    Virginia's children need both financial and family support to grow and thrive. Children with actively involved parents perform better in school, have high self-confidence and generally achieve greater success in life. The Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) is committed to helping parents support their children by focusing on more than ...

Child Support in Virginia: Everything You Need to Know ...
    Jan 08, 2020 · In most cases, all you have to do is file an application for child support with Virginia’s DCSE. Think of court-mandated child support as simply an extra-reinforcement of the DCSE’s powers. Most child support cases that enter the court system do so because one parent has violated, or fundamentally disagrees with, the DCSE’s child support order.

Virginia Child Support
    Welcome to the Virginia Child Support payment site. To make a payment, you'll need to log in to your TouchPay account by entering your email address and password. If you don't have an account, click here to create your free account.

Child Support Frequently Asked Questions - Virginia ...
    If you already have a child support case open in the state in which you reside, you should contact the child support agency in that state to learn if it has requested assistance from the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you do not have an active child support case, you may wish to apply for services in the state in which you reside.

Child Support Juvenile and Domestic Relations District Court
    NEW child support cases are generally filed in the county/state where the paying party lives or together with Custody & Visitation cases in this court Another option, especially when the paying party lives out of state, is to seek support through the Division of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE). Virginia guidelines are used by the judge to determine child support based on both parents’ incomes

Child Support Frequently Asked Questions - Virginia ...
    A case may also be referred to the Division when a child is placed in foster care. Putative fathers seeking to establish paternity can apply for services and non-custodial parents who wish to pay their child support through DCSE may apply.

    This form must be completed (ONLY by the person who applied for Child Support Services) and returned to the district office that manages the case. Once this request is received, the district office will take the necessary actions to close your case. This process may take up to 45 days to complete. I, _____, request the DCSE case referenced ...

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