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Making your case - The Management Centre
    What is a Case for Support? A case for support is the core document explaining how supporters – prospective or present – might support your fundraising strategy. It explains to potential supporters what you need money for and what the benefits will be to the beneficiaries, if donors help your cause.

Building a stronger case for support: Small-scale touring ...
    A good case for support will act as a powerful primer, offering an inspiring picture that illustrates its unique character, power, its instrumental impact as well as its intrinsic qualities. A compelling story should be able to demonstrate beautifully the art, activity, its value and benefit – and what we lose as a society if we were to lose touring theatre.

A quick guide to writing a compelling case statement ...
    Where and how to use the Case for Support: Use your Case Statement as the guiding document for all fundraising. Consult the Case as part of re-writing the Annual Appeal. Start with the Case as you plan your fundraising events (i.e. what does the money from the Gala or Golf Tournament do anyway?).

Your Case for Support: Good Design Will Make it Stronger ...
    Here is an example of how a strong infographic can help and not bog down your fundraising case for support. Follow these design tips to create an emotional connection with your audience. You’ll get your point across, even for those who are too busy to read the entire fundraising case. For more tips,...

    Case for Support. It must be persuasive. The remainder of the Case for Support provides the detail and analysis to support the statements you make in the summary. For a more effective Executive Summary, complete all other sections of the Case for Support first.

The case for support Public Partnerships UNICEF
    The ten cases for support articulate the priorities for UNICEF as a whole, as well as separately for each of the seven outcome and two cross-cutting areas as outlined in the organization's Strategic Plan 2014-17 and in support of the Agenda 2030. The cases describe the key results to be achieved,...

6 Powerful Elements that Create an Airtight Case for Support
    Your case for support doesn’t start out as a polished document. No one’s does. Your case should begin as a series of ideas organized in a logical and compelling way. And while your organization’s campaign may be very different from any other organization’s, we’ve found that all truly compelling cases follow this simple 6-part framework. 1.

How to Write a Case Statement for Fundraising
    Jun 25, 2019 · These days, a case for support can even be a website. A great case statement can also be one or two pages that capture the gist of the need, the cure, and the call to action for donors. At its most basic, the case explains why you need the money and how the donor will benefit from giving.

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