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Frequently Asked Questions About Child Support Family ...
    In most cases, child support is paid until a child reaches the age of majority (which can differ between provinces – in Nova Scotia, the age is 19). Child support can extend past that time if the child is still dependent (for example, if they are still in school, or cannot support themselves because of a disability).

Important Family Law Cases in Canada Foster LLP T2P 3R7 ...
    Child Support. Below are summarized cases which have been important to the development of the law regarding the payment and calculation of child support in Canada. The full text of these cases can be found online. One helpful site for locating case law (and which authorizing linking) is #2100, 520 5 Ave SW, Calgary, T2P 3R7, AB

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    When parents separate or divorce, they should try to agree on the amount of child support. If they ask a court to decide, the court will use guidelines to determine child support payments. Some child support guidelines fall under federal law, while others are under provincial or territorial law.

Fact Sheet - Child Support
    Sep 13, 2018 · Fact Sheet - Child Support. Version PDF. This Fact Sheet provides general information about child support under the Divorce Act.You may also wish to refer to the Department of Justice guide called The Federal Child Support Guidelines: Step-by-Step.This guide provides 8 easy steps to help you determine child support.

Child Support Law In Canada
    Jun 27, 2007 · The CSG also provides for split custody arrangements, in which case "the amount of a child support order is the difference between the amount that each spouse would otherwise pay if a child support order were sought against each of the spouses" (¶8). Here, at least, calculation is within reach of the common litigant.

Post-Secondary Education and Child Support Ontario ...
    Mar 18, 2014 · In cases involving child support for second and third degrees, the court will consider the financial circumstances of the family, the ability of the child to contribute to his post-secondary education expenses, the child’s education and career plans, the child’s age, the child’s academic performance, the family’s educational expectations, the parents involvement in the decision making ...

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