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SAMPLE CASE STATEMENTS - The Nonprofit Academy
    a case statement should also tug on the heart strings of the reader (as many times donors seek facts in order to support an emotional decision to give). A single story about a life that has been changed as a result of the program can be very impactful in conveying the core essence of a program. SHARING YOUR STORY - AND MORE!

Writing a Case for Support that Inspires! - Sumac Non ...
    The Case for Support is the statement of your cause explaining what your nonprofit does, why it’s important and, most importantly, why people should support you. This statement serves to inform all communication pertinent to raising funds. It appears in applications for grants, appeals for support, on your website, and wherever you need to explain …

Your Case for Support: Good Design Will Make it Stronger ...
    Rationale + Urgency + Emotion = Great Case. Once you’ve written a great case statement, your next job is to make sure it isn’t a chore to read. At Mission Minded, we make sure every fundraising case brochure we design–whether for an annual campaign, capital or …

A quick guide to writing a compelling case statement ...
    This short piece is written to give you a quick overview of a) what ‘case’ means; b) simple, starter tips on how to generate your ‘case;’ and c) where and when to use your ‘case’ once it is written. We will use the terms “case for support” and “case statement” interchangeably throughout this article.

6 Powerful Elements that Create an Airtight Case for Support
    6 Powerful Elements that Create an Airtight Case for Support. By Andrea Kihlstedt 2 Comments. ... Your case for support doesn’t start out as a polished document. No one’s does. Your case should begin as a series of ideas organized in a logical and compelling way.

8 Essentials for Your Organization's Case Statement
    Excerpts from a well written case statement and even the entire document have many varied uses in the fundraising scenario. For example: When talking to potential donors, a copy of a compelling case statement continues to present the case for support long after the meeting has concluded.

Case Study: Non-Profit IT Support - PCS
    Jul 02, 2019 · Case Study: Non-Profit IT Support. July 2, 2019 November 22, 2019 Case Studies. Stabilizing the Merger of Statewide Non-Profits . A statewide non-profit came to PCS with IT problems related to growth and the merger with other like-minded organizations. The merging organizations had a similar goal: helping to stabilize people’s lives ...

How to Write a Case Statement for Fundraising
    Jun 25, 2019 · These days, a case for support can even be a website. A great case statement can also be one or two pages that capture the gist of the need, the cure, and the call to action for donors. At its most basic, the case explains why you need the money and how the donor will benefit from giving.

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    Jan 01, 2020 · CASE inspired and supported me in developing, establishing and expanding an alumni relations programme at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory which has grown threefold in the last decade. The programme plays an increasingly significant role in EMBL’s mission to support life sciences in Europe and beyond.

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