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Pipe Hangers & Clamps -
    Insulated-pipe applications require a unique insulated coupling clevis hanger. These hangers mount directly to strut or suspended hanger rods. Pipe Support Brackets A band iron is a thin metal strap commonly used when a pipe must be hung lower than a J-Hook can reach. These are similar to stud brackets but come coiled and are bendable.

Cast Iron Pipe Hangers and Clamps - Pipe and Tubing ...
    Cast Iron Pipe Hangers and Clamps. Support your pipes in numerous ways like clamping, strapping, hanging, suspending, clipping, hooking, restraining and more with pipe hangers and clamps.

Pipe Hangers & Support Clamps - PexUniverse
    Once secured over the pipe, wide flanges of the clamp distribute the load to the flooring around the opening and prevent the pipe from sliding down. They are suitable for most pipe types, including drainage (cast iron, PVC, ABS), gas (black pipe), water supply (copper, brass, galvanized) and others.

Cast Iron Soil Pipe & Fittings Handbook, Chapter 2 ...
    When the system is filled with water, sufficient beam strength is provided by cast iron soil pipe to carry the load with hangers every ten feet. Any of the horizontal supports or clamps illustrated in Figures 1 and 2 may be used, depending on conditions or what is …

Pipe Hangers - Plumbing Accessories - The Home Depot
    3 in. Swivel Loop Hanger for Vertical Pipe Support, Galvanized Steel The Plumbers Choice proudly presents to you a The Plumbers Choice proudly presents to you a broad range of pipe hangers supports and related accessories to assist you with your plumbing HVAC and fire protection pipe …

    support for plastic or other piping where continuous support is required. Hangers should be placed to adequately support the ends. Figure 200VT : The Figure 221 is used to support steel or cast iron pipe close to walls, piers, or in a trench. These supports can …

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