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PROX-SVERS Catalyst Support Media
    PROX-SVERS ® Catalyst Support Media For over 50 years, PROX-SVERS ® INERT CATALYST BED SUPPORT BALLS have set the benchmark of excellence for ceramic and alumina catalyst bed support balls. The PROX-SVERS ® family of inert catalyst bed support balls has grown to protect all varieties of catalysts and adsorbents and consists of four products: Ceramic Balls

Denstone® 57 Support Media Saint-Gobain NorPro
    Denstone® 57 Support Media. Saint-Gobain NorPro’s Denstone® 57 support media is the world’s first choice in bed supports. It has remained the industry standard for over 70 years with its consistent and unparalleled reliability as support for molecular sieve, silica gel and alumina adsorbent and desiccant beds, hydroprocessing and desulphurization of sour feedstreams by the Claus process.

Support Media NorPro
    Saint-Gobain NorPro set the industry standard for quality and structural integrity over 70 years ago with the introduction of Denstone® support media for fixed catalyst bed applications. Our support media is utilized in petrochemical, gas processing, refining and chemical plants all around the world to provide consistent, worry-free support of catalysts of all sizes and materials.

Catalyst bed support media - MTE Group Improving mass ...
    MTE's catalyst bed support Rest-O-Cat® brand is broadly recognized as the leading brand for the refinery, petrochemical, chemical and fertilizer industry. We supply inert ceramic and alumina balls, inert alumina lumps and ceramic tubes. Due to our production facility, we are able to produce tailor made.

Christy Catalytics - Ceramic Balls Mass Transfer Media
    Christy Catalytics pioneered the development of spherical inert catalyst bed support media with the introduction of PROX-SVERS® T-22 in 1952. Today, the PROX-SVERS® line of bed support media incorporates the widest available variety of alumina and silica-alumina ceramic formulas for use in virtually every type of fixed bed reactor in the ...

Catalyst Media - Catalyst balls - Catalyst Bed Support ...
    FOX Catalyst Bed Support Media is offered in a wide variety of alumina and silica-alumina ceramic formulas. Used in petrochemical, refining, and chemical plants all over the world, FOX Catalyst Bed Support Media provides excellent resistance to erosion and attrition, and will minimize the threat of catalyst contamination.

Inert ceramic balls - MTE Group Improving mass transfer
    Catalyst bed support media. Home » MTE Catalyst support » Catalyst bed support media » Inert ceramic balls. Datasheet ceramic ball. The Rest-O-Cat® inert ceramic balls have become a standard in the refinery and petrochemical industry due to their excellent quality and wide versatility. The standard Rest-O-Cat® 55 quality can be widely used ...

Catalyst Bed Support Media Market 2019 - Business Size ...
    Nov 14, 2019 (The Expresswire) -- Catalyst Bed Support Media Market report also offers a basic overview of the industry including definitions, Size,...

Catalyst Support Media CoorsTek Technical Ceramics
    Consistent, Pressed Catalyst Support Media & Components Improve Performance. Preferred for their performance and process control, CoorsTek ceramic rings are pressed in multi-cavity molds for precise dimensions and geometries.

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