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The Cataract Forum: Support Group - WebMD
    It's a safe forum where you can create or participate in support groups and discussions about health topics that interest you. ... After cataract surgery I had an adverse reaction from Keterolac. AVOID THIS DRUG! My doctor prescribed it...

"After Cataract Surgery": The Cataract Forum - Support Group
    I had cataract surgery on one eye about seven weeks ago. I have recently noticed a feeling in my eye like there is something in the eye. This feeling comes and goes, could it be the pollen in the air? I had my follow up visit with my eye doctor after 6 weeks and everything looked good.

Cataract Eyes Forums Patient
    Patient Forums for Cataract. Part of the eyes category. Symptom, treatment and advice from community members. Patient Forums for Cataract. Part of the eyes category. ... Cataract Surgery - Panoptix Toric in both eyes - My Experience. By Joe_M Last reply 11 days ago. 0. 26. cPain after Cataract surgery. By ...

cataract surgery - Blogs & Forums
    I had cataract surgery in 2018. They never called it invasive or not. They numbed the eye with lots of drops....gave me a shot in the lower eye that put the eye to sleep...could not see out of it or move it.....and then did the surgery that took about 15 minutes.

Cataract surgery - SANE Forums
    Hi Ive had cataract surgery on both eyes The first one I was i was in my 30s . and the other only 3 years ago I am now 50 It is a very quick and painless . Procedure and I couldnt be happier The lenses have come a long way since my. first operation. I have never had any problems whatsoever Hope this helps

cataract Surgery ... - Trapperman Forums
    Some time back I mentioned that was going to have cataract surgery on the left eye … My hope was that it would go okay and would still have a couple of weeks to try for some mink a few more rats. Well, It seemed to go okay ans seemed to be improving and …

Cataract Surgery - NeuroTalk Support Groups
    Mar 14, 2011 · Hi Dana, I also had surgery for cataract on both eyes, one before MG and the other after. The surgery itself is very quick, like 15 minutes and I didn't have any problem but make sure that the anestesist (and the eye surgeon) know that your father has MG, they will use the appropriate products.

Cataract Surgery GON Forum
    Jan 04, 2020 · no real difference in lazer surgery and conventional as far as outcomes according to my doctor. The lazer is more precise in its placement but there is not a measurable difference after healing. I dont know about the lenses. I had the regular lens implant. My cataract was caused by an injury when I was a teenager

Cataract surgery: Open Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review
    Jan 22, 2016 · Generally, as I understand it, cataract surgery is a routine operation, but I only have one eye, so there is a risk factor. My question is about which cataract replacement lens to choose. At this time, I am planning to use a distance focus lens and reading glasses. This should not be a problem as I already wear trifocals.

vitrectomy during cataract removal Medical Billing and ...
    Mar 23, 2011 · Adding a -59 and billing for the vitrectomy in addition to the cataract surgery is a red flag under the CCI edits. You can only bill for the cataract surgery 66984. Sorry Complex cataracts have a few rules depending on your Medicare's LCD but here are some general guidelines. 66982 cannot be used for complications during surgery.

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