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The quiet grief of miscarriage U.S. Catholic magazine
    Oct 18, 2016 · But “parents should know they can have the remains back,” Brehany says, “and that the next step would be to contact a Catholic cemetery.” He adds that most Catholic hospitals have policies in place to support families “as best they can” when they suffer a miscarriage or stillbirth.

Why doesn't the Church offer more support for miscarriage?
    Jan 25, 2016 · Why doesn't the Church offer more support for miscarriage? In ... But I am still puzzled that the Catholic Church does not have something more formal for grieving parents after a miscarriage ...

About - Catholic Miscarriage Support
    Two Catholic couples began this website in the hopes that it would provide immediate, practical support for others who have lost a child to miscarriage. When John and Sara miscarried in 2008, there was little information on the internet when searching for “catholic miscarriage.”

Diocese of Fargo Early Infant Loss / Miscarriage Fargo, ND
    Miscarriage Hurts. This resource serves as a refuge for men, women, family members and friends who have been touched by miscarriage to begin healing. The website features activities designed to make sense of and work through the grieving process, as well as a place to memorialize, and a place to find further help and support.

Healing After Miscarriage - National Catholic Register
    Catholic couples have options to help in the grieving process, including having a funeral Mass for their child and a Catholic burial, requesting the "Blessing of Parents After a Miscarriage" from ...

Miscarriage and Infant Loss Support – MyCatholicDoctor
    No matter how many weeks pregnant you were you have a right to your feelings and your grief. Learning to cope with this great loss is a process and sometimes you need someone to walk beside you in this journey. MyCatholicDoctor, with the help of Caroline Vrazel, has curated a list of recommended Catholic miscarriage and infant loss resources.

Miscarriage Ministry Epiphany of the Lord Catholic ...
    A pregnancy that ends in miscarriage is devastating. Epiphany’s Miscarriage Ministry aids mothers, fathers, couples, and families with support, education, and compassion following the loss of their unborn child, whether it was very recently or many years ago.

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