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Catholic Beliefs About Withdrawing Life Support Synonym
    Other Means of Life Support With respect to other kinds of life support, such as ventilators, the basic Catholic principle is that "a person may forgo extraordinary or disproportionate means of preserving life." It is important to note that this assessment -- of what is extraordinary or disproportionate -- …

End of Life Decisions: Ordinary versus Extraordinary Means ...
    Catholic Teaching on Ordinary & Extraordinary Means. The natural law and the Fifth Commandment* requires that all ordinary means be used to preserve life, …

Caring Decisions : Religion, culture and life support,_culture_and_life_support/
    Roman Catholic perspective : The Catholic church supports decisions to stop or not start life support treatment if treatment would be futile or overly burdensome. In these situations life support treatment is sometimes referred to as 'extraordinary'.

The Catholic Tradition on Forgoing Life Support
    The Catholic Tradition on Forgoing Life Support The Catholic Tradition on Forgoing Life Support Rev. Kevin D. O’ Rourke, O.P. The phrase “ordinary and extraordinary means to prolong life” is familiar to many people inside and outside of the health-care profession.

Faithful departures: How Catholics face the end of life ...
    Catholic moral theology vehemently contradicts that assessment. As the National Conference of Catholic Bishops argued in their 1995 "Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services," in withdrawing artificial life supports, one is not killing a patient, only accepting "our human limitations to reverse the dying process."

Life support: U.S. Catholic readers on what it means to be ...
    Oct 07, 2009 · First: Most American Catholics support the sanctity of human life, all human life-"from womb to tomb," as the old saying goes. In a recent survey of U.S. Catholic readers and website visitors, a full 60 percent said that being pro-life means everything from opposing abortion and assisted suicide to alleviating poverty and injustice.

When is it OK to remove life support? -
    Sep 28, 2017 · Catholic health care institutions offering care to persons in danger of death from illness, accident, advanced age, or similar condition should provide them with appropriate opportunities to prepare for death.

What is the Catholic Church's view on life support ...
    Jun 17, 2009 · Catholics believe that we can use life support to assist the person in recovering from injury or illness regardless of the IQ, condition, or age of the person. Catholics believe that these life …

Withhold or Withdrawing Life Sustaining Measures
    Life-sustaining treatment, also known as life support, is any treatment intended to prolong life without curing or reversing the underlying medical condition. This can include mechanical ventilation, artificial nutrition or hydration, kidney dialysis, chemotherapy, and antibiotics.

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