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Caucho - Resin
    "Before Caucho, we used WebLogic in our main business systems. Using Resin, we ‘caught two birds with one stone’ and successfully achieved high-performance. We also reduced our total cost of ownership (TCO) by about 40%."

Professional Services Caucho
    Our professional services are provided by Caucho senior engineers on-site or remotely, depending on your budget and needs. We work with you to develop, install, configure, deploy, and troubleshoot your applications and maximize the performance of your deployment.

Resin Eclipse Support - Caucho
    Resin includes excellent support for Eclipse. The Resin Eclipse plugin is based on the proven Eclipse Web Tools Platform (WTP) included by default in the Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers.Using the Resin plugin you can start servers, stop servers, deploy/undeploy applications, debug on …

Resin Proxy Cache Support and REST support explained - Caucho
    Resin provides real DevOps support. Resin is an end to end solution from load balancer, to http proxy cache, to cloud deployment. This is not to say that you could not use Resin with NginX or Varnish or XYZ, because you can. This is to say that Resin's built in support is typically the fastest most scalable, most supportable option.

Resin 4.0 SSL support - Caucho
    It is slower than using Resin's OpenSSL support and does not appear to be as stable as Apache or IIS for SSL support. Install JSSE from Sun This section gives a quick guide to installing a test SSL configuration using Sun's JSSE.

Contact Caucho Caucho
    Caucho Technology, Inc. 4455 Morena Boulevard, Suite 115 San Diego, CA 92117 USA Tel: (858) 456-0300 [email protected]. For an evaluation license or other questions, please contact Alexandra Garmon – [email protected] Please note: legitimate email may be filtered by our spam filter.

Resin FAQ Caucho
    Resin offers a straightforward licensing model; one license covers all components of the Resin architecture. For pricing, refer to our price list. Is there support for Resin? Free community support is available at the Resin Google Groups. Paid enterprise support and services are available through Caucho Support and Services.

Resin 4 Hessian support - Resin 4.0 Wiki
    The Hessian Protocol. A Hessian call is just an HTTP POST to a URL. The arguments are serialized into the Hessian binary format and passed to the server.

Resin Pro Download Caucho
    Resin Pro 4.0 is the current stable release branch suitable for production use. You can also download Resin Pro 3.1.

Resin (software) - Wikipedia
    Resin is a web server and Java application server from Caucho Technology.In addition to Resin (), Resin Pro is available for enterprise and production environments with a license.Resin supports the Java EE standard as well as a mod_php/PHP like engine called Quercus.. While Resin is free for use in production, Resin Pro includes optimizations such as:Operating system: Cross-platform

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