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Adoption Council of Canada National Permanency
    The Adoption Council of Canada is Canada’s national voice for adoption, unifying communities’ commitments to permanency for waiting children and youth. We support and encourage people along their adoption journey, connecting them to the families and resources they need.

Child Support Payments and Title IV-E Adoption Assistance
    NACAC has received numerous questions with regard to adoption assistance payments as a source of income in divorce and child support cases. NACAC strongly warns that Title IV-E Adoption Assistance payments were never intended to become “bargaining chips” between divorcing parents. Title IV-E subsidies are the entitleme

Canada Intercountry Adoption Information
    Jan 09, 2019 · If both the United States and Canada determine that you are eligible to adopt, and the provincial or territorial Central Authority in Canada for Convention adoptions has determined that a child is available for adoption and that intercountry adoption is in that child’s best interests, that Central Authority may provide you with a referral for ...

Adoption process -
    Adoption provides a legal means for another family to permanently take on the responsibility of caring for and raising a child. But adoption is much more than a legal process. Sometimes children can’t live with their birth parents because they are unable to care for them and provide for their most basic needs.

    Canada's Waiting Children and Youth website promotes the placement of waiting children and youth in permanent, safe, loving and culturally competent families. CWCY is the only national child-specific photo listing program in Canada, and only available to Canadian residents.

    Child Support. Federal / Provincial / Territorial Family Laws; ... Canada's "Child Day" is held on November 20th each year as designated by the Parliament of Canada in 1993. ... Canadian Children's Rights Council. The Canadian Children's Rights Council does very limited case advocacy and only then, specific to our mandate and current goals.

Adopt a child from abroad -
    Adopt a child from abroad The process to adopt a child internationally and bring them back to Canada. In May 2019, we resumed processing the immigration applications of Japanese children adopted through the British Columbia-Japan Adoption Program.

Immigration process — Intercountry adoption ... -
    If you are adopting a child who is related to you, different rules from the provinces and/or the country of origin may apply. The immigration process allows two types of adoptions of children under 18. Depending on the law of the child’s home country, the intercountry adoption must either: be completed outside of Canada; or; be completed in ...

LGBT parenting in Canada - Wikipedia
    Public Adoption. In Canada public adoption legislation, guidelines and eligibility are unique to each province. Prospective parents should familiarize themselves with practices within their home province as eligibility criteria vary. Public adoption agencies do not charge fees, although parents may be responsible for accessory costs.

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