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What Does Child Support Cover? - FindLaw
    Child support isn't limited to covering a child's bare necessities, such as food and clothing, as it can include a broad range of expenses, such as school costs and extracurricular activities. Check out FindLaw's section on Child Support to learn more.

A Comprehensive Guide to Virginia Child Support Virginia ...
    May 30, 2017 · Virginia child support laws – what is their purpose and intent? Virginia’s child support laws are contained primarily in Virginia Code Sections 20-107.2, 20-108.1, and 20-108.2. Both parents owe their child a duty of support during the child’s minority; a mother and father’s first and foremost obligation is to support their child.

Child Support in Virginia: Everything You Need to Know ...
    Jan 08, 2020 · Support awards are calculated using the child support guidelines outlined in the Virginia Code.. You should use a worksheet in conjunction with these guidelines to calculate the amount you might have to pay.. As you can see in the guidelines, the actual support the non-custodial parent pays will depend on several factors, including:. The number of children that need support.

What Can Child Support Be Used For?
    Once a child support order is in place, the non-custodial parent must make regular payments on time and in the right amount. Some non-custodial parents may want reassurance that their child support payments are going towards their children's needs, but custodial parents aren’t required to account for how support payments are used.

What Does Child Support Actually Cover? Dads Divorce
    It begs the question, what does child support actually cover? With all the money you are paying for child support, why are you being asked to provide additional support to cover these other expenses? It begs the question, what does child support actually cover? ... Can I please get some advice to see if my child support covers my kids book list ...

What does Child Support cover? - Wevorce Community
    And another money question.... He pays me child support. I am unsure what that is supposed to cover. (besides food, housing, medical, daycare) Am I responsible for paying for everything they need such as all clothing, school lunches, textbooks, etc? The provisional order specifically states how much medical I am supposed to cover, but does not mention anything else. When the kids need shoes ...

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