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The Forms and Functions of Peer Social Support for People ...
    Peer support, within the health care context, is the provision of emotional, appraisal, and informational assistance by a created social network member who possesses experiential knowledge of a specific behavior or stressor and similar characteristics as the target population, to address a health-related issue of a potentially or actually stressed focal person.Cited by: 27

Peer support: A needs assessment for social support from ...
    Among physicians, the provision of social support from trained peers in times of workplace‐associated stressors (e.g., burnout, medical error, or adverse patient events) has become a major movement, 1, 2 initially launched by a landmark survey in 2012. 1 Such a system has been not only highly valued by clinicians, but also cost effective for institutions. 3, 4 As part of this, the physician realm has …Author: Jennifer Johnson, Eric Ford, James Yu, Courtney Buckey, Shannon Fogh, Suzanne B. Evans

Social support, peer support, and strategic perspectives ...
    A growing literature shows peer support is effective in prevention as well as disease management, improving quality of life, encouraging ‘the right treatment at the right time’, reducing costly, avoidable care, and reducing overall costs. Four specific strengths of peer support …

What is Peer Support? Peers For Progress
    There’s no single ingredient that is required or that guarantees success, but frequent components of successful peer support programs include: Maintain frequent contact (long-term and ongoing support). Be able to develop and maintain linkages with health systems and primary care providers. Be ...

    Peer support encompasses a range of activities . and interactions between people who share similar experiences of being diagnosed with mental health conditions, substance use disorders, or both. This mutuality—often called “peerness”—between a peer support worker and person in or seeking recovery promotes connection and inspires hope.

Social Support and Stress - Advantages with a strong network
    A network which involves an individual's family, friends and peers who are able to support the person psychologically and emotionally is called a social support network. Psychologists say that a strong social support network leads to a better coping experience with stress.

Benefits of peer support groups in the treatment of addiction
    Sep 29, 2016 · Peer support can be defined as the process of giving and receiving nonprofessional, nonclinical assistance from individuals with similar conditions or circumstances to achieve long-term recovery from psychiatric, alcohol, and/or other drug-related problems.Cited by: 24

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