Government Should Not Offer Financial Support Arts

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Ten Good Reasons to Eliminate Funding for the National ...
    Apr 29, 1997 · And the arts offer no cure for ... Endowment support can offer a financial "leverage" of up to ten times the amount of a federal ... "The government can best support the arts …

Should government subsidize the arts?
    The government should not subsidize the arts, because the government is already subsidizing enough. It is not the government's job to subsidize anything. If something is not succeeding without artificial involvement to make it more appealing, then it is something that is not meant to be.

Why Should Government Support the Arts? - NASAA
    Designed for civic leaders and cultural advocates, Why Should Government Support the Arts? invites conversation about the value of the arts to American communities. It includes extensive research citations to support fact based debate.

Ezra Klein - Should the government fund the arts?
    I would like to hear the arguments from both sides, but I cannot think of a convincing reason the federal government needs to subsidize the arts. We should ensure there are art programs in schools, but beyond that, the government should not have much of a role.

Task 2 IELTS Writing: Government Assistance to Artists
    People have a varied opinion whether the government should assist a financial support to the artists or not. However, while it is true that the government should help artists, I would argue that spending money on artists is not a waste of money It is often said that art forms are an integral part of the nation's cultural heritage.

Government Support for the Arts - Hope for America ...
    Although George Washington believed that “excellence” in the arts required “public encouragements,” federal support for the arts remained unrealized until the twentieth century. During the Great Depression, President Roosevelt established arts projects to employ artists, writers, actors, and ...

Top 10 Reasons to Support the Arts in 2014 ARTS Blog
    This was the charge given to me by a business leader who needed to make a compelling case for government and corporate arts funding: “Keep it to one page, please,” was his request. “I can get anyone to read one page.” With the 2014 arts advocacy season upon us, the following is my updated “Top 10 Reasons to Support the Arts.”

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