Joint Legal Physical Custody Child Support

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What to Know About Joint Custody Child Support Rules
    Joint custody refers to the shared physical and/or legal custody of a child or children after parents separate or divorce. In such cases, parents share in the everyday responsibilities of raising the children, including financial obligations.

How Does Child Support Work with Joint Custody? Fatherly
    Getting Joint Custody. First things first, parents want to focus on the big three negotiating points: legal custody, physical custody, and parenting time. All three of these need to be considered separately when making custody agreements after divorce is filed. Why is it so important to focus on how, and when you have rights to your child?Author: Lauren Steele

Does Joint Custody Mean that Neither Parent has to Pay ...
    The amount of child support that a party must pay depends on the state law where the child support order is issued. Many courts order child support even if the parents have joint custody. State laws may consider a number of factors when determining how much child support to order.Author: HG.Org

The Basics of Joint Custody and Child Support ...
    Joint physical custody, when both co-parents share the responsibility of day-to-day care of their child or children, is one of the most common shared parenting arrangements after a divorce or separation.Yet many parents are still in the dark about the ways that joint custody and child support interact. Do you still have to pay child support when you have joint custody?

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