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Child Support Formula Manual - Michigan district courts

    2017 Michigan Child Support Formula Manual—Chapter 1: Background (3) A parent is a minor. (4) The child’s residence income is below the threshold to qualify for public assistance, and at least one parent has sufficient income to pay additional support that will raise the child’s standard of living above the public assistance threshold.

R U Ready - Michigan Child Support Formula

    The Michigan Child Support Formula As part of its responsibilities, the State Court Administrative Office's Friend of the Court Bureau develops a formula for figuring child support amounts. The law requires courts to use this formula when setting or changing child support amounts.


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Child Support Formula Supplement - Michigan district courts

    1.01(B) When using the Michigan Child Support Formula to calculate support, you need to use the most current supplement in effect. 1.01(C) To verify whether you have the most current materials, or to find additional information helpful in using the formula, please check the Michigan Child Support Formula’s official website

Child Support in a Nutshell Michigan Legal Help

    Child support is a parent’s court-ordered payment to help with the costs of raising a child. Child support normally includes a base amount, plus amounts for health and child care costs. Child support can be ordered in a paternity or custody case (if the parents were never married), in a divorce case, or as a support …

Michigan Child Support Calculator AllLaw

    Child support payments are determined based on Michigan state guidelines. Your financial situation, the number of children in the household, and other details are factored into the formula to determine how much you will have to pay.

Michigan Child Support Calculator

    This website allows individuals and attorneys to calculate Michigan child support. The calculator takes all the relevant factors into account, including number of children, overnights, health insurance, and the low-income formula. As you complete the simple form, help information will guide you through each section and give you tips.

R U Ready - Determining Child Support Amounts

    In Michigan, the court orders the amount of child support using the Michigan Child Support Formula guidelines established in state law. Child support guidelines are based upon the monthly income of both parents; however, even if the parents are not working, the court may order them to pay child support. ...

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