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Petition · Modern Day Family Law Reform ·
    Child support will Increase 3% per additional child. ... child matters and household matters. Visitation/custody for the opposing parent does not change, unless done so willingly. ... However, if the reform actions outlined in this petition come into effect, there will be little need for lawyers in …

Petition · Petition Child Support Reform ·
    The children need your support. Families of past and future need your support. The next child support debtor that faces Unconstitutional and Biased Treatment because their debt is treated differently than your debt, needs your support. (Even the Federal District Courts are …

child support reform now! - Home - sign the petition here
    child support reform now! stop praying for something to happen and start making something happen sign the petition here. Welcome Aboard! Thanks for Coming to the site: Here's $5 for free. ... “If we make the idea of child support so horrible and so arduous for men to live with, ...

Reform Child Support NOW! MoveOn
    I have been personally affected by the current child support system in a negative manner. The current law is outdated, unfair, and in many instances, unconstitutional. Reform is needed so that the modern family and our diverse situations can be correctly addressed. This will ensure that proper guidelines are being mandated and followed. No child deserves to be subjected to witnessing their ...

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    Child Support Reform. Lisa Snyder ... 4 SignaturesGoal: 100. As a single working parent, I have fought my local county child support division tooth and nail in an effort to successfully collect the obligation rightfully due my children. I believe this is due my not being a recipient of State Aid in any form. ... Sign Petition …

    child support reform. by: everyone in need of child support reform; recipient: people paying or affected by child support; i want to get this petition going and see if maybe barack obama may pay attention to it and help all families and people in need of child support changes.

Child Support Forms NYCOURTS.GOV
    65 rows · Addendum to Support Petition– Request for Child Support (IV-D) Services: 4-4: Remand …

Child Support Reform MoveOn
    MoveOn has not yet reviewed this petition. If you agree with it, please sign and share it! ... Child Support Reform. Sign the petition. Campaign created by. micaela kinne. Change the child support system so that if a parent is 6 months or more behind on paying child support in any state they are unable to receive government grants and student ...

Petition Second Families & Child Support - Call for Reform
    SECOND OR SUBSEQUENT FAMILIES AND THE CHILD SUPPORT GUIDELINES - A CALL FOR REFORM Introduction: The Guidelines standard table amount of child support should reflect the total number of children for which the payor is responsible, whether or not that payor is living separate and apart from any particular child.

child support reform now! - Follow the Cause
    This theory is backed up statistically by viewing the pre and post child support laws in this country. When child support payments were raised and enforced, so too then was the number of women seeking such support and out-of-wedlock pregnancies. The sum of divorces increased one-hundred-fold since child support laws were introduced and modified.

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