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How to use SSL support in QuickFix/J - Stack Overflow

    Teams. Q&A for Work. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

Configuring QFJ SSL - QuickFIX/J

    QuickFIX/J User Manual. Secure Communications with QFJ. Java Secure Sockets. This technique relies on the MINA SSL I/O filter. The default usage of SSL is very simple. Just add the following setting to your QFJ settings file. SocketUseSSL=Y This setting must be used for both acceptors and initiators. If you need to use a specific SSL ...

networking - QuickFix C++ how do I turn on SSL? - Stack ...

    In java, SSL is enabled internally in the library when I pass the config file to the library. The exact same file is passed to C++, but SSL is not turned on in the second case. Please help me, how can I use QuickFix with SSL in C++? Config file (sorry for the ?? too much sensitive information):

QuickFIX - Dev - SSL support for QuickFix C++

    I searched in quickfix-1.14.3.tar.gz and could not find any keywords including ssl. I know I shoud be able to use stunnel or any over point to point encryption to secure my Fix connection, but for some obscure reasons some companies refuse to do that and realy on each application.

ssl to quickfix c++ · Issue #31 · quickfix/quickfix · GitHub

    Apr 15, 2014 · Yes, We also developed our own SSL proxy in C++ using Open SSL for quickfix. If anyone tried SSL with the quickfix code itself, it would be a great add. I suppose any FIX traffic via internet should be secured hence adding inbuilt SSL support might interest a few parties.

QuickFIX - Dev - QuickFix with SSL (port 443) connection

    I've created a small C# test app (initiator) using the quickfix library. I've modified the toAdmin method to insert some password tags into the login method but the acceptor in this case has given me an IP address as a 443 port and requires the use of SSL - they see my packets hitting their server, but I'm not using any sort of encryption so the socket just gets immediately closed.

Configuring QuickFIX/N

    An acceptor or initiator can maintain as many FIX sessions as you would like. A FIX session is defined in QuickFix/N as a unique combination of a BeginString (the FIX version number), a SenderCompID (your ID), and a TargetCompID (the ID of your counterparty). A SessionQualifier can also be used to disambiguate otherwise identical sessions.. Each session can have several settings associated ...

QuickFIX / [Quickfix-developers] SSL and stunnel help needed

    Re: [Quickfix-developers] SSL and stunnel help needed From: JohnG <[email protected]> - 2007-08-08 11:11:21 For the record: It turns out that I wasn't having a problem with stunnel.

Support - QuickFIX/J

    Please avoid asking general FIX questions on the QuickFIX mailing lists. Commercial support (Training and Consulting) Founded in 1999 by financial markets and IT professionals, Smart Trade Technologies is an Independent Software Vendor, (I.S.V.) of electronic trading solutions for Foreign Exchange, Capital and Equities Markets.


    QuickFIX/n implements the FIX protocol on .NET. QuickFIX/n is 100% free and open source with a liberal license. To get started, visit the downloads page, take the tutorial, or examine some example applications. Commercial support provided by Connamara Systems. About FIX. FIX is an electronic messaging protocol for financial transactions.

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