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    hi all, i installed 2 ve in a server, and i installed cpanel in both of them, but it seems disk quota is not working on ves , in whm , list account , disk pace usage for all accounts is 0 and disk space fr all users unlimited , how can i fix them? can anyone please help me?

How to fix Quotas unlimited under OpenVZ? cPanel Forums

    May 09, 2014 · Dear all, I have a problem with one of VPS servers which i created under my OpenVZ server. In cPanel (WHM 11.42.1 (build 12)), all accounts quota appears as unlimited. I've been looking for a solution but i can't find working one. I found this old topic...

OpenVZ - Wikipedia

    The OpenVZ kernel is a Linux kernel, modified to add support for OpenVZ containers. The modified kernel provides virtualization, isolation, resource management, and checkpointing. As of vzctl 4.0, OpenVZ can work with unpatched Linux 3.x kernels, with a …Developer(s): Virtuozzo and OpenVZ community

How to enable secondary quota in OpenVZ - Grepitout

    How to enable secondary quota in OpenVZ. This post explains how to enable secondary quota in OpenVZ. We need to change QUOTAUGIDLIMIT directive in the configuration file of the container to enable it. The default value of this directive is zero.

OpenVZ - Gentoo Wiki

    Processor type and features ---> [*] Fair CPU scheduler [*] VCPU scheduler support File Systems ---> [*] Quota support <M> VPS filesystem <M> Virtuozzo Disk Quota support [ ] Unloadable Virtuozzo Disk Quota module [*] Per-user and per-group quota in Virtuozzo quota partitions OpenVZ ---> [*] Virtual Environment support <M> VE calls interface [ ] Enable sysfs support in Virtual Environments <M ...

OpenVZ Support

    OpenVZ allows per-container disk quotas, in terms of disk blocks and inodes which is the first level of disk quota. In addition to that, a container can have usual quota tools inside own CT to set standard UNIX per-user and per-group disk quotas.

User Guide/Managing Resources - OpenVZ Virtuozzo ...

    This group of parameters determines disk quota in OpenVZ. The OpenVZ disk quota is realized on two levels: the per-CT level and the per-user/group level. You can turn on/off disk quota on any level and configure its settings. DISK_QUOTA, DISKSPACE, DISKINODES, QUOTATIME, QUOTAUGIDLIMIT, IOPRIO #Managing Disk Quotas: CPU

GitHub - FastVPSEestiOu/zfs-quota: zfs quota proxy module ...

    ZFS Quota proxy module. The project aims at providing a proxy between UNIX quota and ZFS On Linux quota. The user is able to use standard utilities such as repquota and edquota to show or edit zfs quotas.. It was originally developed for the OpenVZ6-enabled kernel here at FastVPS but includes proxy filesystem named ZQFS for the CentOS7 vanilla kernels as well.

Openvz whm quota on 2nd mount cPanel Forums

    Nov 01, 2016 · Installing Default Quota Databases.....Done journaled quota support: not available with vzaquota (disabled) Warning virtual file systems are mounted. Quotas may be counted as double for users who are currently logged in. Please have jailshell users logout before running quotacheck in the future! All jailed users will be logged out in 60 seconds!

Problem with migration and/or Openvz config with disk_quota

    Aug 30, 2012 · DISK_QUOTA=no Otherwise, migration alwas tries to call "vzdqdump", which fails because of "Can't open quota file". OpenVZ file system is not extn, but xfs; i guess vzquota still does not support xfs. However, DISK_QUOTA is set to "no" in /etc/vz/vz.conf - which does not seem to help.

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