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Adding USB support to Hyper-V using USB Redirector
    2018-6-27 · Adding USB Support to Hyper-V with Help of USB Redirector. Lack of USB support in Hyper-V is a major concern for many users who want to be able to access USB devices in their virtual machines.

Tips and tricks for USB support with Hyper-V - TechRepublic
    USB doesn't have to be a three-letter curse word with Hyper-V. Rickatron shares some tips and new options for working around a lack of USB support for Hyper-V.

How To Perform a USB Passthrough in Hyper-V -- …
    Posey's Tips & Tricks. How To Perform a USB Passthrough in Hyper-V. If you're familiar with how to access a USB device from inside a VMware environment, be aware -- the process isn't quite as ...

USB Support on Hyper-V (W2k8 R2)?
    2011-8-30 · In my opinion as systems administrator it needs USB support and the security should be in charge of of the Administrators, in my modest opinion is about money and the workaround sucks, i am a micorsoft products follower, i install in my company only microsoft products, i am virtualising my servers and hyper-v i have to admit with pain is miles ...

Hyper-V to support USB -
    2017-6-6 · Hello Recho, For method 1, you should use hard disk with USB cable, but it doesn't work well with USB dongle. For method 2, the operating system should be Windows 7 or above.

How to mount an USB-Drive in Hyper-V VM's - Windows …
    That means you can create a VHDX on a thumb-drive, an external USB disk, and even an SD Card." The following instructions refer to the "old" version of Hyper-V, when things were not as easy as today. (No native VHD-Mounting.) This is how you get an USB-Drive, connected to the host, to show up in an Hyper-V VM (MS Guest).

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