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Tanya's Comprehensive Guide to Feline Chronic Kidney ...
    Tanya's Feline CKD Support Group is a group I have set up for people with a CKD cat to offer support and hope to each other during the bad times and to celebrate the good times together. It's been going for over ten years now, and is a small, friendly supportive place.

Feline Cancer Resources - Support Groups
    Yahoo Group Feline-CRF-Support - For cats suffering from chronic renal failure (CRF). Yahoo Group FelineCRF - For cats suffering from chronic renal failure (CRF). Yahoo Group Caring-for-CRF-Felines - Another support group for CRF cats. Yahoo Group feline_crf_info_and_support - Another support group for CRF cats.

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    Is there a certain member that's been ruining the fun in your group or a person that deserves a second chance to participate again? Find out how to ban, unban, and remove members in Yahoo Groups. Report abuse in Yahoo Groups. Yahoo Groups is a forum where people can share ideas, plan events, and discuss interests in a safe space.

Chronic Kidney Disease – Feline Disease Management
    Support Groups. My favorite support group for CKD is Tanya’s Support Group, although I might be playing favorites here, because I am a member of that group myself. Feline CRF Support is an email-based support group. This group was previously part of Yahoo Groups but moved to the email-based platform on in 2019.

My cat has just been diagnosed with chronic renal failure ...
    Feb 23, 2013 · It all started a week ago, my boyfriend had noticed she was bleeding when she was urinating. We took her to the vets for them to tell us she had an infection in her bladder, she has a lot of muscle waste age and not able to do the toilet the same. She also had an enema as she was very...

CRF - Chronic Renal Failure:links and experiences with ...
    Sep 21, 2012 · I have found many informational resources and support groups dedicated to people who care for cats with CRF. If your cat has been diagnosed with CRF, I highly recommend joining the Feline Chronic Renal Failure Support Group at Yahoo. It is a support group with nearly 8000 members.

Feline Illness Online Support Groups - Cats
    Of course, I hope your precious kitties stay happy and healthy, but in the event that you are faced with a feline illness these groups can provide valuable information and much needed support. Feline CRF Support Group This is the original email list about Chronic Renal Failure in Cats. It began in 1997 and is a high volume list. Feline Anemia

    FELINE CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE is a common illness that affects our senior cats. This group is one that gives advice and support for kidney disease (also PKD) around the clock. We also have a...

Anemia in a CRF Cat? Yahoo Answers
    Nov 21, 2007 · He is a CRF cat, as I said, but his kidney's are looking pretty good right now. The vet said her primary concern is his anemia. Thank you SO much for any information you can give, as we love him very much and want to do what's best for him. ... I'm including a link the Feline CRF Support Yahoo Group which many members share their experiences ...

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    Tanya's Feline Chronic Kidney Disease Support Group [email protected]. Welcome to Tanya's CKD Support Group, running since 2006 and owned by Helen, who also runs Tanya's CKD website, the definitive, award-winning website for feline chronic kidney disease.

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