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Desupport for E-Business Suite 11.5.1 through 11.5.6 ...

    The desupport notice for E-Business Suite Releases 11.5.1 through 11.5.6 has been published for about a year now. Since the sun's at the horizon for these releases, it's worth highlighting the issue here.

EBS 11i and 12.1 Support Timeline Changes Oracle E ...

    Our current EBS 11.5.10 environment is integrated to Oracle OSSO which is slated to go off support 12/31/2012. With the extension of EBS 11.5.10 support, will OSSO be supported if there is a priority 1 outage that requires a fix from Oracle?


    9.0.3 Dec 2002 Oct 2005 Not Available Not Available 9.0.4 Apr 2004 Mar 2007 Not Available Mar 2010 10.1 Aug 2005 Aug 2010 Aug 2013 Indefinite Support retirement dates have already been announced for Oracle Collaboration Suite 9.0. For more-detailed information on bug fix and patch

Upgrade from 11.5.9 to New Features

    We are upgrading from 11.5.9 to and would like to know new features for FA (Fixed Assets), GL (General Ledger) and ADI (Applications Desktop Integrator). Thanks Leonardo

3 PDBs included with Oracle 19c and desupport of non-CDBs ...

    Sep 17, 2019 · 3 PDBs included with Oracle 19c and desupport of non-CDBs with 20c - it got announced at OOW2019. 3 PDBs without Multitenant license and more. ... October 9, 2019 at 11:17 With all my respect, the 12c and 18c licensing terms states clear that “one *user-created* PDB” is allowed without multitenant license. In the 19c docu the words “user ...

Security Implications of Oracle Product Desupport

    EBS 11.5.9 June 2008 N/A July 2008 EBS 11.5.8 November 2007 N/A October 2007 EBS 11.5.7 May 2007 N/A April 2007 1. Extended support requires a minimum baseline patch level –see MOS Note ID 1195034.1. 2. April 2015 CPU for 12.0 is available for customers with Advanced Support Contracts. ... Security Implications of Oracle Product Desupport ...

Desupport Archives – Upgrade your Database - NOW!

    Most of you may have recognized the desupport of UTL_FILE_DIR with Oracle Database 18c.Reason is mostly that UTL_FILE_DIR opens a lot of possibilities to do insecure things. But this has another effect which may not be obvious to you. There’s a behavior change in Oracle 18c/19c: No symbolic links for Data Pump directories.

Map Through the Maze Oracle 11i/R12.x Desupport Webcast Q ...

    Feb 25, 2013 · Our February webcast, “Map Through the Maze: Understanding Oracle 11i and R12.x Desupport Policies” was an outstanding success. Over 250 people registered for the event and closed to 200 were able to log in to the web conference bridge. As always, we are happy to provide a complete copy of the entire Q and A chat transcript. Q: Can you […]Phone: (415) 901-7500

Map Through the Maze Oracle 11i/R12.x Desupport Webcast Q ...

    Map Through the Maze Oracle 11i/R12.x Desupport Webcast Q and A Transcript ... Oracle will provide an exception for the first 13 months of Sustaining Support for Oracle E-Business Suite 11.5.10, valid from December 1, 2013 – December 31, 2014. This will be comprised of:

Lifetime Support Policy

    Lifetime Support Policy: Lifetime Support Policy, Coverage for Oracle Fusion Middleware Products –September, 2019 Page 1

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