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Putting a PIII 800 FSB 133 on Aopen AX6BC (440bx) : can I ...

    Mar 22, 2001 · Most BX motherboards are stable at FSB speeds of 133MHz+; however, there's no guarantee. One thing to look into is the PCI dividers available on your motherboard. If it only has a 1/3 divider, your PCI bus will be way out of spec at 133MHz FSB (if it has a 1/4 divider, you're fine though).

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    CPU FSB 100.2, 105, 114, 120, 124, 128.5, 133.3, 133.9, 138, 143, 148, 150, 152.5, 155, and 160 MHz. 133MHz FSB and 66MHz AGP clock, higher clock Warning: INTEL 820 chipset supports maximum setting may cause serious system damage. Tip: If your system hangs or fails to boot because of overclocking, simply use JP14 to clear CMOS and restore to

Motherboard Review - AOpen AX6 BC

    Support 100Mhz FSB (Clock Generator Support up to 133Mhz) ... sent by courier. After being a beast myself, I ripped open the box and found the real deal inside ... the AOpen AX6BC motherboard box. Boy was I excited, first I observed the main AOpen motherboard box. ... the CPUs can run @ 100MHz bus or up to 133.3MHz, but what about the AGP slot ...

VIA Apollo Pro 133A Motherboard Roundup - July 2000

    Jul 21, 2000 · VIA Apollo Pro 133A Motherboard Roundup - July 2000 ... AOpen's "Pro" line began with the AX6BC Pro ... This can be set to auto in which case the board will detect what FSB …Author: Anand Lal Shimpi

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    and make 5V over current protection useless. AX6BC with switching regulator onboard support CPU over current protection, in conjunction with 3.3V/5V/12V power supply provide the full line over current protection. CPU and Housing Fan Monitoring AX6BC has one more "fan monitoring" function to prevent system overheat.


    Set 16 FSB speeds ENABLED in the EEPROM. When to use?When there is user who have the W164 clock generator on his/her AX6BC board, but only 8 FSB speeds are available. How to use?Just boot into "safe mode command prompt only" then run EW164_1.EXE ; OS Support:Win2000,Win95,WinME

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