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Is There Child Support for Children over 18? - MassLegalHelp

    But the court does not have to order support for children over 18. The Guidelines say that when a judge is thinking about an order for support for a child between 18 and 21, he or she must look at: your child’s living situation, like why your child lives with the Recipient, and when and how much time they live with the Recipient.

How to Get Child Support Dropped if the Child is 18 ...

    In some states, such as Oklahoma, you can stop making child support payments the month after a child's 18th birthday, as long as the child has graduated from high school. In other states, child support continues until the paying parent files an application with the court to stop it.

Termination of Child Support- Exception for Adult Children ...

    In some states, child support stops when a child is 18 or graduates from high school, in others, it stops at 21 (For more information, visit Termination of Support- Age of Majority). The majority of states use 18 as the age of majority (in cases where the youth is still in high school the age of majority may extend beyond 18).

Back Child Support After 18 - FreeAdvice

    The Rules for Back Child Support It is important to note, first of all, that rules on child support vary greatly by state. For example, in some states, the child is considered an adult at age 18 while other states say 19 or 21; some say the child becomes an adult after finishing high school, regardless of age.

Since my son is 18 is there anyway child support can be ...

    The obligation to pay child support terminates upon the death of the child, the marriage of the child, the child entering active duty in the military, the child becoming self-sufficient, the child reaching eighteen (18) years of age, or, if the child is enrolled in a secondary school program of education, when the child reaches the age of twenty-two (22) years of age.

My child is over 18 but disabled. Can I still receive ...

    Parents may receive a letter saying support for a disabled child will stop at age 18. To keep support going, parents should provide the agency proof of the child's disability right away. In order to stop paying support for someone over 18, a parent must prove the child can live alone. Information on the child's work history and life skills may show a child can live alone.

Child Support after 18 in Florida - Ayo and Iken

    In this case, child support terminates on that child’s 18 th birthday. This provision is intended to encourage parents to work to ensure their child graduates on time. Additional Exceptions to the Child Support Ending at 18 . The next exception under Florida law is the child who has special needs, and will never become a self-supporting adult. In this case, child support could last …

Child Support for an Adult Child Still in School Éducaloi

    Child support payments don't stop automatically when a child turns 18. The parent who pays child support must ask a court for permission to stop or decrease the payments. However, if the other parent agrees that child support can stop or decrease, the parents can make an agreement between themselves.

At what age does child support end in Oregon for an 18 ...

    The State of Oregon defines the age of emancipation as 18 years old or 21 years old if attending school half-time or more. In Oregon, child support is automatically terminated at 18 years of age if not addressed in the court order for support. The date of the court order does impact what law is applied, as revisions have been made to the statute.

Paying Support for Children Once They Turn 18 : New Jersey ...

    The majority of the states have a bright line rule, and children are considered emancipated once they turn eighteen years of age. Thus, parents have no legal obligation to pay child support after a child turns 18 years of age, or graduates from high school.

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