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Creating a boot disk with CD-ROM Support
    DOS CD-ROM driver support The following outlines creating a bootable startup disk with real-mode CD-ROM support, a "must have" item when performing a clean install of Windows 98. This is a "DIY" alternative to using the CDBoot utility provided here on this website. Creating a DOS boot disk (A) Via a command prompt in DOS. Insert a blank 3.5 ...

How to make a Bootable DOS CD with CD Rom support ...
    Oct 01, 2003 · I've read MANY articles and web pages on how to do this but none of them work or do what I want to do. I just need to create a bootable DOS CD that will give me DOS (Generic) CD Rom (IDE) support. I have a computer that doesn't have a floppy …

    Create An SP2 Slipstreamed Boot CD #1 #2 Install And Use The Recovery Console #1 #2 _____ HOW TO GUIDES FOR DOS AND WINDOWS 98 TuneUp Your Computer Learn How To Use Fdisk Make Your USB Hard And CDrom Drives Work In DOS AXS The CMOS Setup And Set Your Floppy Disk To Boot Make A DOS Bootdisk Get Your Mouse Working In DOS

Creating a bootable recovery-CD-ROM -
    Bootable MS-DOS CD-ROM. If you were able to create a bootable MS-DOS floppy disk, then you can use this floppy as an image for a bootable MS-DOS CD-ROM. With a burning utility like Nero you can choose for a bootable data disk with the floppy as boot image. If you don't have a floppy drive, you will have to do this on another computer.

Bootdisk.Com - DOS USB Drivers
    I use your bootdisk site often and your resources have bailed me out on several occasions. I recently set up USB support on some ghost boot disks that we use here and was excited to say the least. It worked on both the Plextor USB CD-ROMS and a Pioneer CD-ROM I have in an ADS USB enclosure. Thanks for the great site and keep up the great work.

How to recognize CD-ROM under MS-DOS
    Apr 04, 2001 · How to recognize CD-ROM under MS-DOS ... if you ever decide to boot to the Command Prompt Only, you can manually run the Dosstart.bat file by simply typing the file name and pressing Enter. April 4th, ... The dosstart.bat files is the best way to get real-mode cdrom support when booting in Dos-Mode under Win9x. That way the config.sys and ...

HDDGURU: Magic Boot Disk v2.0
    Based on Windows 98 Second Edition boot disk Drivers for IDE and SATA CDROM Fixed FDISK.EXE: Support of hard disk drives bigger than 137 GB Patched FORMAT.COM: Option /Q (QuickFormat) now can be used to format floppies and hard disks quickly even if they're never been formatted before MS-DOS version check has been removed

DOS 6.22 boot CD ISO Image NeoSmart Forums
    Nov 20, 2019 · DOS 6.22 boot CD ISO Image There are times when the Master Boot Record (MBR) can get messed up. If you go to reinstall the OS’s anyway sometimes it may be worth the extra step to boot up a DOS 6.22 boot disk and restore the MBR with the following command.

View topic - How To Enable CD-ROM Support in MS-DOS ...
    Apr 23, 2011 · This tutorial was aimed at Virtualbox, and could work on a real PC if you had floppy disks and cds, as well as floppy drives and cd drives on the DOS machine. Last edited by No one on Zzz Dec 99, 3099 459:43 am, edited 0.1 times in total.

How to add USB flash drive capability to MS-DOS and Windows 98
    If you are JUST going to use USB with Windows 98 and not with native MS-DOS programs run from MS-DOS 7.1 then this is all you need. Figure 2. Windows 98SE with USB support (Note Drive E:) (ii) For MS-DOS 7.1 (also adding CD-ROM support) Setting up USB for MS-DOS 7.1 is a little more involved . Three drivers and one executable are needed.

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