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Decision Support Case Studies - DSSResources.COM
    This DSSResources.COM page indexes case examples of various types of computerized Decision Support Systems, decision automation systems and special decision support studies that use computerized analyses. Some of the cases are based upon field research, but many have been provided by software vendors.

A case study of the use of a decision support system
    Mfl.SS.INST.T'nn. OCr181S73 DEWEYLiSi'Af^Y ACASESTUDYOFTHEUSEOFA DECISIONSUPPORTSYSTEM CharlesLawrenceJ^eador SloanSchool,MassachusettsInTtituteofTechnology DavidN ...

Implementation of a Decision Support System for Improving ...
    Nov 11, 2015 · Implementation of a Decision Support System for Improving Irrigation Water Delivery: Case Study ... Decision support system implementation is often met with harsh resistance from water users and managers alike, and, in many cases, a scientifically sound model is often rejected because of misinformation and lack of user education. ...

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    Nov 01, 2014 · Dss case study 1. Case Study Heuristic-Based DSS Moves Milk In New Zealand 2. Company Background • A major New Zealand dairy company-had 350 client farmers served by 12 tankers over two shifts. • Because of rising client base and rising milk collection cost- Company decided to implement a heuristic-based DSS to improve milk tanker scheduling.

Case-study of a simple decision support system to aid ...
    Agricultural Systems 38 (1992) 111-129 Case-Study of a Simple Decision Support System to Aid Livestock Disease Control Decisions R. M. Bennett Department of Agricultural Economics and Management, University of Reading, 4, Earley Gate, Whiteknights Road, Reading, UK, RG6 2AR (Received 26 February 1991; accepted 16 July 1991) A BSTRA C T A case-study is presented of the …Cited by: 13

Assignment 2 Decision Support System (DSS) Using Microsoft ...
    May 24, 2017 · The next computer-based information system that the business is interested in is a Decision Support System (DSS) utilising Microsoft Excel (any version from Excel 2007 to current).Author: Libraay Downloads

DSS Design: A case example -
    DSS Design: A case example. Note: A version of this paper has been published originally by Al Bento, "Tools for End-User Systems Development: a case example," Interface, Fall 1991, pp. 24-31.This is therefore copyrighted material. It is OK to read it here, link to it, but copying this page requires authorization from Interface and the author.

(PDF) Decision Support System (DSS) for Capacity Planning ...
    Decision Support System (DSS) for Capacity Planning: A Case Study

Decision Support System tool and Life-cycle approaches
    The DSS will be based on this 3-dimensional Life-Cycle Sustainability Assessment framework to form a multi-criteria decision support tool. The DSS is tailored to the needs of the target audience, mainly authorities and managers and their typical decision making situations.

Case study of decision support system
    Apr 06, 2018 · According to Oprean et al. (2009), an ideal collaborative DSS should be safe, efficient, effective and usable. The system has concepts of decision support system, aspects of Human Computer Interaction and attributes of artificial intelligence that are agent-oriented. The collaborative DSS helps to generate, evaluate, organise and explore ideas.

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