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Cash Medical Support -
    Cash medical support is defined as an amount ordered to be paid in a child support order toward the cost of health insurance provided by a public entity, another parent, or person with whom the child resides, through employment or otherwise, or for other medical costs not covered by insurance.

10 Things You Need to Know About Cash Medical Support ...
    Oct 04, 2008 · The additional cash medical support component to Ohio child support is called a “cash medical support order”. If a child is on Medicaid (including Molina, Care Source, etc.), the cost of the Medicaid will be off set by the cash medical support amount collected (meaning the government will have first “dibs” on the medical support).

Medical Support - Oregon Department of Justice : Child Support
    Cash Medical. If neither parent has access to health care for their children, cash medical support may be ordered. Cash medical support is the additional amount a parent is ordered to pay to help with the cost of health care coverage by the other parent, or to help with the uninsured medical …

3119.302 Private health insurance - cash medical support.
    3119.302 Private health insurance - cash medical support. (A) When the court, with respect to a court child support order, or the child support enforcement agency, with respect to an administrative child support order, determines the person or persons responsible for the health care coverage of the children subject to the order pursuant to section 3119.30 of the Revised Code, all of the ...

What is Cash Medical Support in Ohio? Wolinetz and Horvath
    Nov 05, 2017 · Cash medical support will be paid to the parent ordered to cover the minor children's health insurance (normally the residential parent), unless the minor child receives public assistance such as Medicaid. In that case, cash medical support is paid to the State of Ohio in order to defray the cost of such public assistance.

What is Medical Support in Texas? Scott M. Brown ...
    May 15, 2018 · What Is Medical Support? Medical support is the amount of financial support a parent pays for the minor child’s medical coverage. This coverage includes the costs of health insurance or cash medical support, and under Texas law, it is required in addition to regular child support. The medical support order is added to any divorce decree or ...

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