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Cash Support from the Student's Parents - FinAid
    Cash support and in-kind support received by the student's parents are not reported on Worksheet B. Section 480(b)(7) of the Higher Education Act specifies that untaxed income and benefits includes "cash support or any money paid on the student’s behalf, except, for dependent students, funds provided by the student’s parents".

What Counts as Child Support on the FAFSA? Fastweb
    Aug 22, 2017 · Since child support paid reduces total income on the FAFSA, this exclusion of the voluntary payments will usually result in a higher EFC for the parent. Thus it is financially beneficial for both child and parent to ask the court amend the child support agreement to …

Cash and the FAFSA
    Cash and the FAFSA By Lynn O'Shaughnessy on February 23, 2012 in College Savings , Financial aid , Money Today I’m sharing a guest post from Kenneth O’Connor, director of student advocacy at , which is a source for private student loans .

How to Report Parents' Cash & Account Balances on FAFSA
    The FAFSA provides the Department of Education with a clear picture of what you can afford and how much your family can be expected to help. One of the things the FAFSA requires on Question 90 of the application is the “total current balance of cash, savings, and checking accounts” that your parents own.

Reporting Financial Information on the FAFSA: Students and ...
    Cash support received by a dependent student from the student’s custodial parent(s) is not reported on the FAFSA. Cash support received by a dependent student from other sources including the non-custodial parent, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and other third parties is reported as untaxed income to the student on the student’s FAFSA. ...

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    Get ready for college or career school, learn about federal student aid and how to apply using the FAFSA, and get information on repaying student loans.

FAFSA Questions – The City University of New York
    Only if the relative is your adoptive parent. Dependent students can be considered dependent only on their parent(s) and must report only parental information on the FAFSA. You must report any cash support given by relatives, but not in-kind support (such as food and housing) from relatives.

How to Answer FAFSA Question #45: Student Untaxed Income
    Other than the example above, other types of untaxed income which students and/or parents may receive in a given year are: Housing, food and other living allowances paid to members of the military, clergy and others, including cash payments and cash value of benefits, child support received, veterans’ non-educational benefits, and any money received or paid on student’s behalf (not by a ...

What Money Do You Need to Disclose on the FAFSA?
    Dec 12, 2019 · What Money Do You Need to Disclose on the FAFSA? By: Alia Nikolakopulos. ... The amount of cash to report includes the physical cash you might have in your wallet or someplace at home. Child Support. If you’re a parent and receive or pay child support, you’ll report the amount on your FAFSA. If you receive child support, you’ll report the ...

Providing More Than Half Support - FinAid
    Although both types of support are useful for determining whether someone provides more than half the support for another individual, only cash support gets reported on Worksheet B of the FAFSA. Cash support from a dependent student's parents does not get reported on the student side of Worksheet B, only cash support from other persons.

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