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Cataract Surgery When Capsular Support Is Poor
    Sep 01, 2012 · Cataract Surgery When Capsular Support Is Poor A modified CTR is effective with these patients. Boris Malyugin, MD, PHD. A prerequisite for modern cataract surgery is a healthy status of the natural lens supporting system.

Mackool Cataract Support System FCI Ophthalmics
    The Mackool™ Cataract Support System helps provide capsular support during cataract surgery for patients who have contracted pupils or floppy iris syndrome. Sterile, disposable. Box of 5. Designed by Richard J. Mackool, M.D. Hooks provide capsular support during cataract surgery for patients with lax or absent zonules; Comes with disposable ...Location: 30 Corporate Park Dr, Suite 310/320, PEMBROKE, 02359, Massachusetts

No Capsular Support: Do ACIOLs Still Make Sense?
    May 10, 2018 · A few years ago, when a cataract surgeon was faced with an eye that had minimal or no capsular support, there were only two surgical options: insert an anterior chamber lens or suture a lens into the posterior chamber. Today, the options for posterior lens fixation have proliferated, changing the nature of that choice.

CRSToday Fixating an IOL Without Capsular Support
    Apr 01, 2016 · PLAN B NEEDED. I believe a backup lens should be available for every cataract procedure. No one-piece IOL should ever be placed in the sulcus. 1 If this lens is optic captured, the dioptric power need not be adjusted. Sulcus implantation without fixation requires capsular support and an IOL that is appropriate for the sulcus.

Capsular Support Devices - EyeWiki
    Nov 11, 2018 · Capsular support devices are important management tools for eyes with zonulopathy. They facilitate safe and successful cataract surgery by improving capsular bag stability and centration. These devices consist of capsular tension rings, modified capsular tension rings, capsular tension segments, and capsular retention hooks (Figure 1).

ICD-10 codes for complex cataract surgery - American ...
    Use H21.221-H21.223, or H21.229 if the operative note indicates permanent intraocular suture or a capsular support ring was employed to place the IOL in a stable position. Use H21.531-H21.533, or H21.539 if the operative note indicates a capsular support ring was employed or an endocapsular support ring was used to partially occlude the pupil.

Coding Complex Cataract Surgery With Confidence - American ...
    Mar 26, 2016 · Does the IOL need additional support, such as a capsular tension ring or intraocular sutures? Is this a pediatrics case that includes the implantation of the IOL? Is the cataract considered mature, requiring the use of dye? If the answer is “yes” to any of …

StabilEyes® Capsular Tension Ring - Abbott Medical Optics
    Products > Cataract > Support Systems > StabilEyes ... The CTR is intended for placement into the equator of the capsular bag during cataract surgery by using either forceps or a specially designed insertion instrument. CTRs are available in two sizes, Model STBL12US (12 mm diameter) and Model STBL13US (13 mm diameter).

The Rule of Nines for Sulcus IOL Power – Cataract Coach
    Jun 25, 2018 · But even with these techniques of calculation, there is still a need to adjust the IOL power in unusual cataract cases such as choosing a sulcus IOL or AC IOL in cases of compromised capsular support. (scroll down for full video) Changing from one IOL design to another

MillennialEYE A Lack of Capsular Support
    The ideal placement of an IOL is in the capsular bag; however, this is not always possible due lack of capsular support. Inadequate capsular support can have a variety of origins, such as trauma, complicated ocular surgery, genetic causes such as Marfan syndrome or homocystinuria, pseudoexfoliation syndrome, and inflammatory causes. 1 If partial capsular support is available, then IOL ...

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