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Deadbeat Dad Stereotypes and Unpaid Child Support
    Parents who fall behind on child support due to job loss or unforeseen circumstances aren't necessarily "deadbeats." The term deadbeat is generally reserved for those who have the …

How to catch a deadbeat? - Q&A - Avvo
    Sep 11, 2018 · How to catch a deadbeat? My son's father left me during my pregnancy and hasn't been supportive whatsoever. He's evading being served by the local child support office for over a …

Catch Deadbeats on the Web - Government Technology
    Feb 28, 1997 · Connecticut is one state that's serious about finding deadbeat parents. In fact, it's so serious it found a whole new way to track them down -- by posting their names and faces …

Catch Your Child Support Deadbeat /Scumbag - YouTube
    Mar 16, 2011 · For far too long deadbeat dads (and a few deadbeat moms) have gotten away with it. They don't give a crap about their kids...they only c...Author: CollectChildSupport

How to Report a Deadbeat Dad to the Federal Authorities ...
    Fortunately, there are powerful federal laws that enable individuals to enforce child support orders from anywhere in the United States. With some research and effort, an owed parent can use federal child support enforcement laws to locate deadbeat parents and collect owed child support.

Enforcing Child Support Orders: Dealing With a Deadbeat ...
    Local offices can also establish paternity (if necessary), obtain medical support orders, locate deadbeat parents, and find assets from which child support can be paid. The “Getting Help” section below includes information on how to contact your local child support services office.

Deadbeat Dads Deadbeat Moms Deadbeat Parents Child ...
    deadbeat dad,mom and child support enforcement information by state

Georgia Deadbeat Dads and Moms - Criminal Watch
    GA deadbeat dads and child support enforcement help for GA by county and city

Child Support Evaders Office of the Attorney General
    The Office of the Attorney General’s Child Support Evader Program seeks tips from the public to locate parents who are avoiding their court-ordered obligation to support their children. The Office of the Attorney General is required by law to publicly identify those parents who are delinquent in the payment of their child support and meet the conditions below.

Child Support Enforcement Fraud Office of Inspector ...
    If you have a question or problem related to a child support enforcement case, please contact your State's child support enforcement office. These offices handle the majority of child support cases and issues, including the day-to-day operations of child support collections.

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