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Combat service support (United States) - Wikipedia
    Combat service support is a topic that is, broadly speaking, a subset of military logistics.However, combat service support is often more limited in depth, as the related groups primarily address factors supporting readiness for combat operations.The United States Department of Defense organizes various agencies providing services such as medical assistance, for example, akin to other nations ...

Combat service support - Wikipedia
    The term Combat service support (or CSS) is utilized by numerous military organizations throughout the world to describe entities that provide direct and indirect sustainment services to the groups that engage (or are potentially to be engaged) in combat

Military -
    The Army groups its force structure into three general categories: combat, combat support (CS), and combat service support (CSS). ... and supplies in support of military forces on an immediate or ...

Combat Support
    Combat Support. Land warfare is the mission of the U.S. Army, and army forces are divided into three categories according to their function on the battlefield: combat, combat support, and combat service support. Combat forces engage in direct confrontation with enemy forces to kill or capture them, to break their will to continue the fight, and to seize and hold terrain or to deny it to the enemy.

Combat Service Support Manuals
    Oct 30, 2003 · Categories; About; Combat Service Support Manuals. Page 1 of 2 ... Combat Service Support — FM 4-0 (FM 100-10) Date Published: 29 August 2003. Date Added to MFM: 21 August 2009 ... 2009. Combat Stress — FM 6-22.5, MCRP 6-11C, NTTP 1-15M. Date Published: 23 June 2000. Date Added to MFM: 22 August 2009. Combat Stress Control in a Theater of ...

Program Executive Office Combat Support and Combat Service ...
    Focusing on better buying power and value engineering efforts By Lt. Col. Elliott R. Caggins, Mr. Jason R. Middleton and Maj. Demond J. Merrick The vast majority of the acquisition…

Intelligence Jobs & Careers
    Intelligence & Combat Support. Supports U.S. Army personnel involved directly in combat. They work behind-the-scenes to support and provide intelligence to Soldiers on the field. Jobs include food services, watercraft operators, intelligence analysts, translators, interpreters and topography specialists.

Army Branches Military Science
    The Corps of Engineers is a Combat Arms Branch which also has combat support and combat service support roles. Engineer officers plan and execute missions relating to engineer support on the battlefield in light, heavy, airborne, and topographic missions. They coordinate and control all facilities and housing support at military installations.

FM 7-20: The Infantry Battalion - Chptr 8 Combat Service ...
    8-1. CATEGORIES OF COMBAT SERVICE SUPPORT . ... The casualty's military equipment is collected and turned over to the supply sergeant during LOGPAC operations. Remains are placed in a body bag ...

Tactical-Level Logistics
    Combat service support (CSS) is the essential capabilities, functions, activities, and tasks necessary to sustain all elements of operating forces in theater at all levels of war. Combat

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