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Why Catholics Can’t Be Pro-Choice Catholic Answers
    Jan 01, 2014 · Unfortunately, there are many people who call themselves Catholic and yet believe, for one reason or another, they can be “pro-choice,” or support legal abortion, without compromising their Catholic Faith. When I say someone is “pro-choice,” I don’t mean only that he has voted for a political candidate who happens to support keeping ...

Survey finds significant ‘pro-choice’ support for abortion ...
    8 days ago · Anderson said the support for abortion restrictions among pro-choice Americans “shows how misleading it is to conflate the term ‘pro-choice’ with support for radically pro-abortion position ...

- Catholics for Choice
    Pro-choice victories in Ireland, Chile and likely soon in Argentina clearly demonstrate that increasingly, on a global scale, people in Catholic-majority countries are taking a stand for the values, morals and ethics of defending a woman’s right to choose.

Excommunication of Catholic politicians who support ...
    Penalties of this kind from bishops have generally targeted Democrats, possibly because pro-choice Catholic Democrats are more vocal in their support for abortion rights than the few pro-choice Catholic Republicans. Proposals to deny communion to pro-choice politicians are more common in the United States.

Why Pro-Choice Catholics Matter HuffPost
    Mar 29, 2015 · But when the second set of hearings commenced in September, CFFC arranged for Father Joseph O'Rourke, a pro-choice Jesuit, and Jane Furlong Cahill, a Catholic feminist theologian, to testify about Catholic support for abortion rights and the deep misogyny that informed much of the Catholic teaching about women and sex.

Why I'm Catholic And Pro-Choice
    In my research, I came across an article titled "Pro-Choice Does Not Mean Pro-Abortion: An Argument for Abortion Rights Featuring the Rev. Carlton Veazey." The article focuses on Rev. Carlton Veazey, a pastor of 33 years and the president of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, based in Washington, D.C. Veazey answers a lot of tough ...

Catholic Questions and Answers on Abortion
    Remember, there are also prominent pro-choice Catholic Republicans including Rudy Giuliani, Thomas Ridge and Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. Some Catholic Democrats say they are both pro-life and pro-choice -- they support programs that allow pregnant women to choose life but they do not want to criminalize abortion.

20 Remarkable Pro Choice Abortion Facts and Statistics - HRFnd
    That’s the percentage of Catholics who believe that abortion should be illegal in all circumstances. Many protestant denominations support being Pro Choice. 8. Catholic women are 29% more likely than Protestants to have an abortion, but are as likely as all women nationally to do so. 9.

Pro Choice/Abortion “Catholics” - Catholic Answers Forums
    Sep 08, 2018 · I know having or being involved in any way with an abortion is an automatic latae sententae excommunication for Catholics. Does even just having pro choice views also incur excommunication? I do not have such views but I know “Catholics” who do, and of course there are many Catholic (mostly Democrat but some Republican) politicians who do as well. Can they really call themselves Catholic?

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on her Catholic faith and the ...
    Jun 27, 2018 · As a woman and a Catholic, I am happy to say that no, you don't get to support abortion and still call yourself a Catholic in good standing. ... If she's pro choice but not pro abortion, I expect ...

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