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Child Support: Common Questions Éducaloi
    If the parent paying child support dies, the child can claim support from the parent's estate. (An estate is the property of someone that is left over after death. In Quebec law, the legal term for an estate is …

Ministère de la justice - Child support
    Child support payments, when both parents live in Québec, are determined using the Québec model for the determination of child support payments, which sets the basic amount payable. However, in a case of divorce where one of the parents does not live in Québec, the Federal Child Support Guidelines apply, although the parents may agree to apply the Québec model instead.

Family Law 2020 Canada – Quebec ICLG
    In Quebec, child support is determined in virtue of mandatory guidelines based on the income of the parties. Two different guidelines are applicable in the province of Quebec: the Regulation Respecting the Determination of Child Support Payments when the parents are not married or when both parents (married or not) are living in the province of Quebec.Brand: ICLG

Fact Sheet - Child Support
    Sep 13, 2018 · Child support guidelines are the law for establishing child support amounts. As parents, you may both decide that another amount of child support—higher or lower—is better for you and your children. But, if you ask a judge to decide, he or she will set the child support amount according to the guidelines,...

Quebec Child Support Calculator Canada Child Support ...
    Once you hit calculate, the child support calculator, Quebec will then generate a base amount of child support payable per month based on your situation. The Quebec Child Support Guidelines give more specifics related to what the parents are required to claim as income for support purposes, and specifically states what are defined as additional expenses that are considered as allowable.

When does Child Support Payment stop in Quebec?
    Apr 08, 2013 · Child support stops in Quebec when the children are financially autonomous. This normally happens when they are not studying and working full time. You can also get custody of the children to receive child support instead of giving it.5/5(950)

Tool for the calculation of child support payments - Quebec
    Explanation of the tool. This calculation tool is designed to help you estimate the amount of child support that will apply in your situation. You can explore various options, for example depending on the type of custody you expect to obtain, and print out the results.

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