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Solaris 9 Operating System - EOL
    Oracle Solaris 9 Operating System - EOL . The Oracle Solaris 9 operating system is now in the Sustaining Support period of it's life cycle. Customers with support contracts can still access patches and log new service requests, although support contracts carry a surcharge for Oracle Solaris 9 support.

Oracle Lifetime Support Policy for Oracle and Sun Software ...
    With Oracle Premier Support, you know up front and with certainty how long your Oracle products are supported. Oracle Premier Support provides a standard five year technical support period. For most products, Oracle extends the technical support period by offering an additional three years of Extended Support and indefinite Sustaining Support.

Solaris 9 transitioning to Extended Support Oracle ...
    Oct 18, 2011 · Just a quick heads-up that Solaris 9 will transition to Vintage support (old sun terminology) / Extended support (Oracle terminology) at the end of this month. Solaris 9 patches released from November 1, 2011, will have Vintage/Extended access entitlement by default, which means that only customers with an Extended Support contract for Solaris ...

Solaris Operating System End Of Life ... - My Oracle Support
    Jul 25, 2019 · Solaris Operating System - Version 8.0 and later Trusted Solaris Operating System - Version 8 FCS and later All Platforms Goal. This document describes the Extended and Sustaining Support stages of Lifetime Support for Solaris Operating System (OS) releases that have reached the end of the Premier Support stage.

Overview of the Support Lifecycle ... - The Solaris Cookbook
    Android apache apt-btrfs-snapshot apt-get autostart btrfs Calculated Column CentOS compression Debian deduplication hostname Howto IP Address Linux List LVM Mysql openVZ performance Proxmox RedHat / CentOS repository RHN Satellite SDS Sharepoint 2007 Solaris Solaris 10 Solaris 11 Spacewalk ssh Ubuntu Ubuntu / Debian Unity update usefull ...

News: End of Service Life Status for Solaris ... - DBAGlobe
    Sep 23, 2009 · End of Life (EOL) Pre-Notification: When Sun can provide the first notification to customers that it will be announcing the EOL of a milestone version. At this time, the date of the final EOL announcement is set to be one year later 1 .

End-of-Software Support Statements - Oracle Solaris 10 9 ...
    The Oracle Solaris 10 release notes documents important installation and runtime issues and bugs. These release notes also include end-of-software support statements, documentation issues, and a list of fixed bugs that were previously documented.

Oracle Solaris 10 Support Explained Oracle Solaris Blog
    Dec 04, 2017 · With Oracle Solaris 10 Premier Support ending on January 31, 2018, we've been getting questions about the different support options for Oracle Solaris 10 going forward. I'm going to attempt to answer all your questions here. Types of Oracle Solaris 10 Support. After January 31, there will be two types of support available for Oracle Solaris 10.

End of Service Life for Solaris 7 and 8 OS - Free Tech Support
    End of Service Life for Solaris 7 and 8 OS On August 15, 2008, Solaris 7 exited EOSL Phase 2. Except through custom support agreements, all support for Solaris 7 is terminated.Solaris 8 Vintage Patch Services and Other Options in EOSL Phase 2: On April 1, 2009, Solaris 8 enters EOSL Phase 2.

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